About the blog

I originally created this blog to chronicle my characters in hack and slash games, but I found it tiring to write new posts each week about my characters. It was fun to create new character builds and test them out. It wasn’t all that fun writing new posts about each step of the way. I decided it was better to just do a write up after finishing with a build, where I talk about how it played in general. There is no need to go into specifics such as how many times my character died.

I hope my site will become the premier source for creative character builds in every game that I play. Unlike many other gamers, I’m not afraid of playing old games. In many cases, I haven’t come even close to trying all the builds a particular RPG offers, so there is always something new to try. I might take a break when I get bored of the game’s setting or story, but I always come back to try a new build. Until now, I haven’t written my builds down, but I plan to rectify that from now on. My goal is to have this site last 20 years covering all the character builds I have ever tried from this day forward. It may be too much ambition, but I’d rather have lofty goals than easy ones that have little meaning.

Check out the Inspiration for the blog page for the original purpose of this site. Things have changed quite a bit since than, but I always liked to know the history of websites I visit so I’ve kept it online.

About the author

My name is Thander, and I am the blogger behind this site. I have played PC games for the last 15 years. Despite my parents saying video games are only for kids, I plan to play games my whole life. I consider myself to be a dedicated gamer. Gaming is a hobby just the same as building models or playing a sport, where the first and second rules are to have fun and strive to get better.

For this reason I tend to avoid games that offer no challenge or deeper gameplay to explore. This doesn’t mean I spend hours and hours on gaming. It does mean I’m willing to forgo actually playing the game to analyze the game’s mechanics if I think it will help me improve. I also believe dedicated gamers should participate in the community of their game of choice. This may be simply posting regularly on forums or something more advanced like writing a detailed guide about some aspect of the game, but I think everyone should try to contribute something.

Check out What Diablo means to me for more information on my passion for hack ‘n slash games. This was written early in the blog’s existence when I focused solely on hack ‘n slash RPGs, but I still think it’s a good story that says a lot about me as a gamer.