Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Base Class / Jedi Class Ratio
At a certain point early in the game you are forced to add a Jedi class of your choosing. However, you can choose which level to stop your base class at within the range of 2 to 8. The Jedi class will then fill out the remaining levels up to 20. For example, you could be Soldier (8) / Guardian (12) or Soldier (2) / Guardian (18). On each combination page, I describe the main differences between the possible ratios.

Scout / Jedi Sentinel Class Ratios – A listing of the differences between each possible combination for Scout / Jedi Sentinel.

Key – Class Name(s) | Build Name
Note: All of these builds were created with the latest version of the game, v1.03.

  • Soldier / Jedi Guardian
  • Soldier / Jedi Consular
  • Soldier / Jedi Sentinel
  • Scout / Jedi Guardian
  • Scout / Jedi Consular
  • Scout / Jedi Sentinel | Scout (7) / Jedi Sentinel (13) – The Scout doesn’t normally use Persuade or Charisma, but I wanted my character to have that option available. I chose to go the melee route with this character rather than relying on force powers for damage.
  • Scoundrel / Jedi Guardian
  • Scoundrel / Jedi Consular
  • Scoundrel / Jedi Sentinel