Articles are long posts where I get deep into analysis of game mechanics. This is most commonly a comparison between two things with math and research to support my arguments.

Monk Spirit Generation in Diablo 3 – How Spirit generation varies between the Monk Primary Skills and how to take that into account when planning builds.

Analysis of Character Creation in Torchlight 1 – As I moved on from heavy Torchlight 1 playing, I decided to write an article about some of the three core mechanics of characters in the game.

From Diablo 2 to Torchlight – A comparison of Diablo 2 and Torchlight focusing on the differences in game mechanics.

KotOR: Power Attack vs Critical Strike vs Flurry – A math heavy article comparing the three combat feats in Knights of the Old Republic 1. Don’t worry about the math, though. At the bottom is a simple Q&A with the answers to the main question.