Diablo Series

Diablo 3

Key – Class Name / Game Version / Build Name

  • Supplement: The Stats You Want in Diablo 3 – This is a list of all the important stats that every character should have. Most of the good stats are not dependent on the build you are using. There is no reason for me to repeat that same content for every build; it goes with any build.
  • Barbarian / v1.0.8 / The Berserker Rage Barbarian – Take advantage of the unique Berserker Rage passive skill, which gives a large damage bonus when your Fury is full.
  • Barbarian / v1.0.8 / The Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian – The ultimate berserker build utilizing a massive Two-Hander and a high damage skill to do massive critical hits.
  • Barbarian / v1.0.8 / The Sticky Barbarian – Ranged enemies are traditionally hard for melee to deal with. This build takes as many skills as possible that negate the advantage ranged enemies have, making it a good PvP build for survival.
  • Barbarian / v1.0.8 / The Whirlwind Barbarian – The cookie cutter max DPS Barbarian build.
  • Demon Hunter / v1.0.8 / The Ball Lightning Demon Hunter – A great leveling build that uses the Ball Lightning rune of Elemental Arrow for massive area damage.
  • Demon Hunter / v1.0.8 / The Rapid Fire Demon Hunter – Rapid Fire is one of the most fun skills in the game. Who wouldn’t want a personal machine gun?
  • Demon Hunter / v1.0.8 / The Spike Trap Demon Hunter – Stack traps under monster packs for massive damage.
  • Demon Hunter / v1.0.8 / The Survivalist Demon Hunter – As a ranged class, Demon Hunters are already good survivalists. This build takes it to the extreme with multiple escape tools and ways to keep enemies away from melee range.
  • Monk / v1.0.8 / The Fastest Monk – The goal of this build is simply to be the fastest at everything, the fastest attack speed, the fastest movement speed, and enough defensive stats to pull that off.
  • Monk / v1.0.8 / The Sweeping Wind Monk – The cookie cutter max DPS Monk build.
  • Monk / v1.0.8 / The “Bell” Monk – The star of this build is Wave of Light, the iconic Monk skill which sends a large bell down from the heavens to destroy monsters.
  • Witch Doctor / v1.0.8 / The Firebats Witch Doctor – The cookie cutter max DPS Witch Doctor build.
  • Witch Doctor / v1.0.8 / The Witch Dotter – This is an area damage, DoT-based build. DoT stands for Damage over Time. Instead of doing all damage at once, damage ticks occur every few seconds over the duration.
  • Witch Doctor / v1.0.8 / The Zero Dogs Witch Doctor – The old max DPS build, before Firebats was buffed, focuses on exploding Zombie Dogs with the Sacrifice skill, hence having no dogs – Zero Dogs.
  • Witch Doctor / v1.0.8 / The Zombie Bears Witch Doctor – This build did the most damage until the Zero Dogs and Firebats builds were made possible by patch changes. It is still a fun leveling build.
  • Wizard / v1.0.8 / The Archon Wizard – A fast-paced build that focuses keeping Archon up 100% of the time for high DPS and great survivability.
  • Wizard / v1.0.8 / The Critical Mass / Wicked Wind Wizard – The cookie cutter max DPS Wizard build.
  • Wizard / v1.0.8 / The Glass Cannon Wizard – A fun build that includes all the various damage buffs available to Wizards for max damage.
  • Wizard / v1.0.8 / The Kiting Blizzard Wizard – The basic idea behind this build is to do good damage to an area while keeping distance.
  • Wizard / v1.0.8 / The Melee Wizard – A build that specializes in playing a Wizard in melee range.

Diablo 2

I played Diablo 2 for many years. With Diablo 3 out, I won’t be making any Diablo 2 builds. If I had this blog back then, I would have a huge list of builds. These days I just don’t play it very often. The times I do play it I usually just play Normal difficulty and don’t make any builds.

However, I wanted to have a Diablo 2 section here just because of its legacy. I would have never created this blog if not for Diablo 2 getting me into RPGs. Before Diablo 2 I only played RTS. Diablo 2 showed me how much fun an RPG could be. I especially loved the replayability of RPGs where different classes and player choices could greatly change the gameplay and story.

So I’ve decided to use this section to highlight a few of the more interesting builds you could make in Diablo 2. My clan in Diablo 2 called them oddball builds. They don’t do the best damage and might not be viable in Hell difficulty solo, but they each fill a unique niche in the game. Most of these builds should be good enough to beat Normal difficulty solo, with higher difficulties maybe requiring a group.

A few of the builds I was only able to find on the Internet Archive. I have posted the full text for those builds in case they ever disappear permanently. For those builds I have put any of my words in red color with the original author’s words in the default black color. For all other builds the text is my own words.

Key – Class Name / Game Version / Build Name

  • Amazon / v1.10 / Magic Arrow Bowazon (full text) – A sniper build, it specializes in the Magic Arrow skill with other skills chosen as needed to support that main skill.
  • Assassin / v1.10 / Dual Element Trapsin – Specializing in the Traps skill tree, Assassins of this type are commonly called “trapsins”. By putting points in two elements, this build avoids some of the problem with monster immunities.
  • Barbarian / v1.10 / Singer Barb – Based on the Barbarian Warcries skill tree, specializes in the aptly named War Cry skill as the primary damage source. This build picks up some of the best buffs available to Barbarians.
  • Druid / v1.10 / Fire Elemental Druid – This build is all about the Fire skills available in the Druid’s Elemental skill tree. The Fire skills are harder to use efficiently, but it’s a lot of fun.
  • Necromancer / v1.10 / Poisonmancer – A build specializing in the Poison skills. The only other class with a Poison skill is the Druid, so poison is pretty unique to the Necromancer.
  • Paladin / v1.10 / Clericdin (full text) – Specializes in party support with healing from Holy Bolt and damage from Fist of the Heavens. This build is dependent on group play, so multiplayer is a must.
  • Sorceress / v1.10 / Enchantress – A Sorceress that specializes in the Enchant skill that adds Fire damage to any weapon. This build does really well in parties, but can do Normal difficulty well enough solo.