Inspiration for the blog

This post is an old relic from the original days of this blog. You may read it for entertainment purposes, but it no longer completely fits with the focus of this website.

A long time ago when I had just started playing Diablo 2, I found the awesome fansite of This fansite was one of the best out there. While Blizzard’s free resource, the Pandemonium Fortress (now called Arreat Summit), had elaborate lists of everything in the game (skills, items, monsters, etc), was like an early wiki with fans contributing character builds, strategies, and columns to the site. I remember visiting the site to check builds for my first character, an amazon. However, I happened to see this little series about a Sorceress and her travels in the Diablo 2 word.

The author had created this whole story about the Sorceress loosely following the events of the game, but with commentary from the Sorceress. It was probably the first example of role playing I ever saw. While I read a few entries, it didn’t keep my interest. I got information on the character build I wanted to try out and got back into the game. A few months later I thought it would be interesting to check out that series again, but I could just never find it. I don’t know if they removed it from the site or what, but I never found it.

Then, I thought maybe I should start something like this myself, but for World of Warcraft (WoW) since it was my primary gaming focus at the time. Unfortunately, my imagination is horrible. I’m great at math, logic, and other analytical things, but most creative things I have a very hard time with. It must have taken me an entire day to come up with the “Thander” name I used for my first WoW character. I mean, just nothing would come to my mind.

I ended up just modifying one of the randomly generated names slightly. Most people thought I misspelled “Thunder” or I changed it because the name was taken. No, it was because my imagination is non-existent. When I have to make something up, nothing comes to mind. I mean literally, my mind is completely void of ideas. Usually, something else barges into my mind before any ideas come, like what chores I need to do or what I need to do at work the next day. The best I can do is copy someone else’s creative idea and make a few changes.

Well after 2 years of almost entirely WoW, I was ready to try some other games. I still played WoW off and on but very casual. I quickly discovered the “Steam sale”. I had no idea new (or at least recent) games could go for so cheap. I quickly snatched up a number of games I had been interested in but never had the time to play during my WoW days. One of them was Civilization 4.

Just like Diablo 2 years before, I was checking out a fansite for information (this time CivFanatics) and stumbled across something interesting. It was Sulla’s Civ 4 Walkthrough. I found it so interesting, I read the whole thing right then and there late into tonight. What didn’t occur to me at the time was how similar it was to that old Sorceress role play column I could never relocate.

Now, at this time I was somewhat disheartened by Blizzard. I didn’t feel Blizzard could really move on from WoW. Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 were announced, but what could they really do after working on WoW solely for 5+ years? I signed up for the Starcraft 2 beta test anyways just to be sure. Blizzard really impressed me with the beta.

I had so much fun, I even started watching the pro player tournaments that I had never cared for in Starcraft 1. Blizzard still had their golden touch. Starcraft 2 was a really fun game. I ended playing it most days from February when I was invited to beta all the way into the beginning of 2011. With boredom finally setting in, I started checking out some of the Diablo 3 stuff. Blizzard has me impressed so far.

At last, we come to the present. I played a little bit of Diablo 2 to sort of get in the mood for hack ‘n slash gameplay, but I just couldn’t get into it again. So I picked up the very affordable Torchlight. It’s actually a pretty fun game. It doesn’t have a lot of content, but they did the randomization really well. Torchlight has just enough “quality of life” improvements over Diablo 2 to keep my interest. Since I was going to be focusing on hack ‘n slash this year and probably next year, I wanted to do something with the community.

I’ve always felt the need to contribute to the community for the games I am playing at the time. In the past this was mostly just posting on forums and helping other players out, but with WoW I started wanting to do more. I made updates on the WoW version of Wikipedia, especially on my Realm’s page. I also regularly posted comments on Wowhead when I felt there was a need for more information. With Starcraft 2, I ended up writing a full length FAQ/Walkthrough for the game on GameFAQs. For Diablo 3, I am going to do a blog.

I’ve always thought a blog would be interesting, but with my bad imagination I just couldn’t think of something interesting to talk about. As I was going to bed after a fun night of Torchlight, I suddenly remembered the Sorceress role play series on I thought about making a blog with a similar focus, but with my bad imagination I just wouldn’t be able to create an interesting story.

However, I could do something like Sulla’s Civ 4 Walkthrough. So why not just combine the two ideas? I write about a character I am playing, but stick to the strategic side of things. Just like when I was creating my first WoW character’s name, I am taking other people’s ideas and making a few changes. I guess there is some creativity in making changes, but not like a brand new idea.

For more information about the blog itself and Thander, please read the About page.


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