The Whirlwind Barbarian

The Whirlwind Barbarian is the most popular Barbarian build at max level. There are two very good reasons for that: it does the most damage and it isn’t that hard to gear for. The basic idea is to utilize high critical hit chance and the high tick rate of Whirlwind to proc the Into the Fray skill rune. That gives infinite Fury, allowing Whirlwind to be used constantly and making the Wrath of the Berserker buff permanently active.
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The Critical Mass / Wicked Wind Wizard

The Critical Mass / Wicked Wind Wizard is the current max DPS Wizard build. It is commonly abbreviated as CM/WW. The build combines high critical hit chance and the high tick rate of Energy Twister’s Wicked Wind rune to proc the Critical Mass passive skill. Several powerful skills then have no cooldowns, which makes them spammable for massive damage and other nice perks.
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The Firebats Witch Doctor

This is the cookie cutter max DPS build for Witch Doctors. It follows the general theme of other top DPS builds by having a few high damage skills combined with several damage buffing skills.

The build uses no Primary skills (the low mana cost ones), instead relying on high Mana regeneration to fuel constant Firebats usage with Locust Swarm thrown in here and there. Because base Mana regeneration starts at the maximum rate even at level 1, low level Witch Doctors won’t have to worry too much about running out of Mana using Firebats. At level 60, Mana regeneration skills and items are required to not run out of Mana.

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The Sweeping Wind Monk

This is the cookie cutter Monk build for max DPS. While it’s not the most fun build to play, it is definitely the most efficient. You will do more damage than any other build and much easier to. You pretty much just hold one button down the whole time while spamming damage buffing skills. Still, it’s definitely a flashy build. Anyone that sees you will know immediately what build you are using, and it does look pretty cool despite not being the most fun to play. A little critical hit chance is required for the build to work properly, but outside of that it’s a cheap build to gear for.
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