Torchlight 1

Torchlight 1 has a similar rule system compared to Diablo 2, but there are quite a few differences. These are the best resources for Torchlight 1:

  • Torchlight on StrategyWiki – This is the most complete wiki for Torchlight 1. It has information on the skills, spells, and items that can be found in the game. All of the details are pretty much there plus a few things that are not explained in the game itself.
  • Torchlight on Wikia – I think this wiki looks better and has better formatting, but it just doesn’t have all the information the StrategyWiki has. Quite a few skill, spell, and item pages are blank with no information. I think this one has more potential than the other one, so I plan to work on editing in more information when I have time.
  • Torchlight Armory – The best resource for stats on all the unique and set items.
  • Runic Games Fansite – The last remaining Torchlight 1 mods website. Not many new mods are released with the focus on Torchlight 2 these days.
  • Official Torchlight 1 Website – The official website has news and general information about the game but is rarely updated now that the focus is on Torchlight 2.