Mass Effect 1

Mass Effect is the spiritual successor to Knights of the Old Republic. There are quite a few similarities between the games, but the rule system is very different. KotOR used a modified 3rd Edition D&D ruleset, but Mass Effect has an entirely original ruleset. The rules in Mass Effect are simplified compared to Knights of the Old Republic, but there are still a lot of options to choose. The best resource I’ve found so far is the Mass Effect wiki. There is some slight annoyance in that many of the pages are split up into a Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 section, but it’s still pretty easy to find Mass Effect 1 specific information. Warning: This page contains spoilers.

I. Morality Bonuses


  • 10% – Opens 2 Charm ranks, 1 free Charm point
  • 25% – Opens 2 Charm ranks, 1 free Charm point, 10% shorter First Aid cooldown
  • 50% – 10% maximum health
  • 75% – Opens 2 Charm ranks, 1 free Charm point, 5% reduction in cooldown on all powers


  • 10% – 1 free Intimidate point
  • 25% – 1 free Intimidate point, 10% reduction in weapon powers cooldown
  • 50% – 1 health regeneration per second
  • 75% – 1 free Intimidate point, 5% increased damage/duration on all weapons and powers

Spectre Bonus – Opens 3 Charm and Intimidate ranks, 1 free Charm and Intimidate point.

Note: Out of the 12 total ranks in Charm or Intimidate, you only ever need to spend 8 points to max it. However, the way the game works prevents you from accidentally spending more than 8 points. This is just for reference to calculate how many points you need to devote to these talents.

New Game+ – This I believe is a bug, so I will avoid it in my builds. Each time you play through the game, you get free Charm and Intimidate points all over again. Using this bug you could potentially get Charm and Intimidate maxed out at 12 each with 0 level-up points spent in them over 3 playthroughs of the game.

II. Grenade and Medi-gel Upgrade Locations

Most of this information is taken from the Mass Effect wiki but modified it a little bit.


  1. Morlan – Citadel Wards, Lower Markets
  2. Morlan – Citadel Wards, Upper Markets
  3. Opold – Noveria, Port Hanshan
  4. C-Sec Requisitions Officer – Citadel Wards, C-Sec Academy
  5. Dr. Chloe Michel – Citadel Wards, Med Clinic


  1. C-Sec Requisitions Officer – Citadel Wards, C-Sec Academy
  2. Morlan – Citadel Wards, Lower Markets
  3. Expat – Citadel Wards, Upper Markets
  4. C-Sec Requisitions Officer – Citadel Wards, C-Sec Academy
  5. Delan – Citadel Presidium, The Emporium (Financial District)

III. Bonus Talents

These are the possible bonus talents. Many talents have an associated achievement that is unlocked after using the talent a certain number of times (usually 150). The reward for the achievement is a bonus talent. When you first create your character you can choose a single bonus talent to add to your list of talents. In this way, you can gain a talent that your class normally would not have access to. In my builds, I will choose talents that I think complement the class’s existing ones.

  • Shotgun
  • Assault Rifle
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Lift
  • Barrier
  • Throw
  • Warp
  • Singularity
  • Stasis
  • Hacking
  • Damping
  • Electronics
  • Decryption
  • First Aid
  • Medicine

IV. Squad Member Classes

If you are going for achievements, you want to keep the same squad members in your party for the whole game. It’s best to use a well-rounded party that can deal with any situation, choosing squad mates that complement the class you chose for your Shepard.

Shepard Class

  • Soldier – combat
  • Engineer – tech
  • Adept – biotic
  • Infiltrator – combat, tech
  • Vanguard – combat, biotic
  • Sentinel – tech, biotic

Squad Class

  • Ashley – Soldier
  • Tali – Engineer
  • Liara – Adept
  • Garrus – Infiltrator
  • Wrex – Vanguard
  • Kaiden – Sentinel

V. Miscellaneous

  • Maximum Health: 1000 (?)
  • Minimum Health: 350 (?)
  • Maximum Talent Points: 100 (Shepard), 80 (Party members)
  • Maximum Talents: 12 (Shepard), 8 (Party members)