The Critical Mass / Wicked Wind Wizard

The Critical Mass / Wicked Wind Wizard is the current max DPS Wizard build. It is commonly abbreviated as CM/WW. The build combines high critical hit chance and the high tick rate of Energy Twister’s Wicked Wind rune to proc the Critical Mass passive skill. Several powerful skills then have no cooldowns, which makes them spammable for massive damage and other nice perks.
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The Rapid Fire Demon Hunter

I find Rapid Fire to be one of the most popular skills for Demon Hunters. It’s just fun to shoot out arrows or bolts like a machine gun, however unrealistic it is. Rapid Fire in its launch state did only average damage. With the added limitation of not being able to move while using the skill, players drifted away from Rapid Fire once they got to max level. Luckily, Blizzard increased the skill’s damage. The popular leveling skill became popular at max level.
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The Zero Dogs Witch Doctor

The Zero Dogs Witch Doctor is one of the most unique builds in the game. It is one of the few builds only made possible by specific Legendary items, the few Legendary items that Blizzard actually succeeded in making into build changers. The basic idea is to reduce the cooldown of Summon Zombie Dogs to 0 with these items, and then leverage that to be able to spam the Sacrifice skill constantly for massive area damage.
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The Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian

Hammer of the Ancients has the potential to do the most damage in a single hit for Barbarians, so, naturally, I wanted to make a build based around it. It can do 400% weapon damage just by itself. Combined with a few other skills, you can quadruple that and be one-shotting Elite monsters. It does have the disadvantage of your character being in melee a lot and taking a lot of hits. If you don’t have good defenses, this build can be frustrating.
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The Glass Cannon Wizard

The Glass Cannon Wizard is a fun build that does not require any special gear or minimum stats to work well. With this build I wanted to make the max damage glass cannon build using the Glass Cannon passive skill and other skills that give damage buffs. This build can also be a great build for farming experience in low Monster Power levels, where you don’t have to worry about dying.
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The Firebats Witch Doctor

This is the cookie cutter max DPS build for Witch Doctors. It follows the general theme of other top DPS builds by having a few high damage skills combined with several damage buffing skills.

The build uses no Primary skills (the low mana cost ones), instead relying on high Mana regeneration to fuel constant Firebats usage with Locust Swarm thrown in here and there. Because base Mana regeneration starts at the maximum rate even at level 1, low level Witch Doctors won’t have to worry too much about running out of Mana using Firebats. At level 60, Mana regeneration skills and items are required to not run out of Mana.

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The Ball Lightning Demon Hunter

The Ball Lightning Demon Hunter is a really popular leveling build. It’s very strong throughout the leveling process and even into the lower Monster Power levels. It uses just two skills: one for single targets and one for groups of monsters. The other skills just serve to buff the character and improve efficiency. The main Elemental Arrow skill costs very little Hatred but does insane Area of Effect damage.

Entire rooms of monsters can be killed in seconds, which is much faster than most other classes while leveling. Moreover, since you don’t need any special stats for this build to work, the Ball Lightning Demon Hunter is a great beginner build.
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