The Zombie Bears Witch Doctor

The Zombie Bears Witch Doctor was the original max DPS build when Diablo 3 first launched. It lasted until patch 1.0.4 when Blizzard updated many Legendary items, making the Zero Dogs build possible. This build has more of a traditional spellcaster feel to it. Zombie Dogs and the Gargantuan are the main line of defense with the Zombie Bears skill being the main source of damage. The damage is only about half as much as the Zero Dogs build and even less than that compared to the Firebats build. It will still work while leveling and in lower Monster Power levels.
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The Zero Dogs Witch Doctor

The Zero Dogs Witch Doctor is one of the most unique builds in the game. It is one of the few builds only made possible by specific Legendary items, the few Legendary items that Blizzard actually succeeded in making into build changers. The basic idea is to reduce the cooldown of Summon Zombie Dogs to 0 with these items, and then leverage that to be able to spam the Sacrifice skill constantly for massive area damage.
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The Firebats Witch Doctor

This is the cookie cutter max DPS build for Witch Doctors. It follows the general theme of other top DPS builds by having a few high damage skills combined with several damage buffing skills.

The build uses no Primary skills (the low mana cost ones), instead relying on high Mana regeneration to fuel constant Firebats usage with Locust Swarm thrown in here and there. Because base Mana regeneration starts at the maximum rate even at level 1, low level Witch Doctors won’t have to worry too much about running out of Mana using Firebats. At level 60, Mana regeneration skills and items are required to not run out of Mana.

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The Witch Dotter

This is a area damage, DoT-based build. DoT stands for Damage over Time. These are skills that don’t do the damage all at once. The game splits up the damage based on the duration. Damage ticks occur every half-second. Grasp of the Dead keeps the monsters stuck in place. It is an area damage DoT skill itself, but then it’s combined with even more DoT skills: Acid Cloud and Firebomb-Fire Pit.

Enemies won’t die much from the upfront damage of your skills. Most times it will be from the DoTs ticking constantly. In addition to Grasp of the Dead, Zombie Dogs hold enemies in the area damage, and they also have DoT melee attacks of their own. Continue reading