No one can stop death

Ok, it’s not that grim, but some big changes have happened in real life. Unfortunately, my interest in video games has suffered, and I no longer have the time to devote to them as I did before. This website costs me nothing to leave online, so it will stay as is forevermore. Well, I can’t say I will never be back, but the chances are slim. I hope you enjoy Reaper of Souls and whatever other games you like to play.


Some Changes to Diablo 3 Builds

Going forward I am not going to include stats on the Diablo 3 build pages. This is because pretty much every class and every build desires the same stats with only a few exceptions. This may change in the Reaper of Souls expansion, but the current stats system is pretty simple. On any particular build page I will note down the few stats that do make a difference for that build, then link to this guide for the general “best stats” that everyone should look for. I will update existing Diablo 3 builds first, and then I have a bunch of new builds I want to publish before the expansion.

Over the past year I haven’t had a lot of motivation to write builds, but I have been keeping track of the popular builds for each class. My current plans are to get all those builds on the site for historical purposes. I expect the expansion to be making huge changes to skills and items. Most of the current top builds will no longer be used in Reaper of Souls. Maybe people that still play Diablo 3 Classic will still have the old skills, and these archived builds can be of some use.

I also have a few of my own builds that, while not optimal, were still pretty fun. I want to get them on the site too. You can expect to see more activity on the site for the next few months. Another one of my goals is to get two characters of each class to level 60 twice for the achievement. I have so far only done this with the Monk class. I will be splitting my writing time with leveling these characters. In the next post I will write up a general stats guide for Diablo 3 as it exists currently to go along with the build changes.

A Header for the New Year

Last year I decided to make a new header image with original art. Well, I am not very good at art, so it didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted. The sword was not too hard to do with its straight edges, but I had a really hard time making the fireball. After a couple months of working on this a little bit every night, I decided it wasn’t going to get any better with my weak pixel art skills.

Since the text is in the actual image, I removed the header text above it. Unfortunately, that seems to have added a white/grey line to the top. There is nothing I can do about that with this free blog. I would need to pay to be able to change the CSS code. The only option I have is change the background on my image to be the same color, but that white/grey is a boring color. I will just have to put up with it.

A Break for the Holidays and Early 2013

For the next few months I will be taking a break. I’ve written this a few times, but it usually takes me two day’s worth of free time (2-3 hours) to make a new build or character update: one day to write most of the content and one day for polishing.

I’ve been blogging about RPG builds pretty regularly since May with Diablo 3 and again in September with Torchlight 2. In that time, I have posted about 13 character updates and 9 new builds for a total of 22 postings. That’s roughly 6 months where a large portion of my free time is working on the blog.

I just want to play games for a little bit. I still have a couple more builds I want to write over those few months, but I will take a break from the one post per week schedule I am using now.

So it’s gonna be a little while, maybe April or May, when I get back to regular posting here. That could be a pattern that begins to appear on the blog, because I do generally have more free time in Spring, Summer, and Fall than Winter. Besides the Holidays in early Winter, I like to take a break from my non-gaming hobbies to just focus on games. It’s when I get to catch up on the games I missed or neglected the previous year.

Introducing Lorzate, My Torchlight 2 Engineer!

I’ve said previously that I was going with Outlander, but I was thinking a lot about my Torchlight 1 character updates and have decided to go with another tank character. So my Engineer will be a tank. The Engineer Aegis skill tree is basically a tank tree, but I don’t want to put all my points there. There’s a few skills in the other two trees that I think will work better and have a similar theme.

I have a tentative build planned but won’t be posting it until I have gotten pretty far with the game. The attributes are new, a lot of the affixes on items are new or function differently, most of the passive skills in Torchlight 1 are now available from spell scrolls. I don’t even know what all the spells are yet, but I’m really excited to find out as I play and as other players post stuff online.

I will be posting a new character update every Wednesday until I get to level 100 with Lorzate, the Engineer. Each update I will post any Unique items I find plus my thoughts on all the skills that unlocked in the period. I will also put up my attributes to see how they have improved. I only plan to do this with my Engineer. After he gets to 100 I will write the tank build and get one build up for the other 3 classes in Torchlight 2. Expect the first update Wednesday 26, 2012.

1.0.4 Updates Finished

I have finished updating all the builds for 1.0.4. You can find them on the Diablo Series builds page. I also updated the Monk Spirit Generation article. Tomorrow (Wednesday) my Witch Doctor build will be out. Patch 1.0.4 made a lot of changes, all of them good in my eyes. I wish I had more time to play, but I have some updates I need to make to my theorycrafting article on Knights of the Old Republic combat feats.

One of the commenters mentioned some things I had not thought of before. That will change some of the damage numbers. I also want to reorder a bunch of the content to make comparisons easier. This will likely be a major rewrite. For this reason I don’t plan on releasing a build next week.

Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.4 and My Builds

This patch came out earlier than expected, but it’s a good one. Check out the official patch notes for all the details. However, what I want to concentrate on is whether I need to update any of my builds. I did a quick look and here’s the results:

The Fastest MonkExploding Palm and Wave of Light were both buffed, so this build does even better now. That’s always a good thing. The only place I need to change for this build is with the Fleet Footed passive skill. It no longer counts towards the +25% movement speed cap, so the maximum potential is now +35%. I think that number is only reachable with Legendary items, but I will be looking into it and updating the build as needed.

The Kiting Blizzard WizardArcane Torrent got a good damage boost, but another change that could affect this build is the Cold Blooded passive skill. It actually increases all damage to frozen and chilled enemies, not just cold damage. I want to add an “alternatives” section to the build, a little something about replacing Temporal Flux with Cold Blooded

The Survivalist Demon HunterEntangling Shot got a pretty hefty damage boost. Both Impale and Cluster Arrow got damage boosts, around 10-20% each. The build now does more damage, which is nice, but none of these will require me to make changes to the build.

The Sticky Barbarian – Both Bash and Seismic Slam got damage boosts, but even better, the “stickiness” of the build was buffed. Leap now ignores crowd controlling effects. For example, if a monster Prisons you, Leap will still work. You won’t be able to move at the end of the Leap until Prison wears off, but Leap itself will ignore that. Ancient Spear now roots the target for 1.5 seconds. Not only are the enemies pulled to you and slowed, they also can’t move. Overall, I just need to add a few lines to the build to account for these changes.

Monk Spirit Generation in Diablo 3 – This is not a build, but there were a few changes in this patch that affect Spirit gains and regeneration. That means Spirit gained per second is different. I want to make sure it has the proper numbers.

Also, I am on vacation Wednesday (tomorrow) through Sunday this week, so I won’t update the builds until next week. No new build this week either. The Witch Doctor build will be out next Wednesday, the 29th. It is mostly done, but I need to make some changes because of this patch.

In the future, I don’t know if I will be going through all my builds and noting changes. The more builds I have, the more time it take to maintain all my builds. In the build listing, I have included version numbers, so viewers will know whether I have updated a build or not. For instance, right now they are all v1.0.3. By the end of next week, they should all be 1.0.4.