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The Engineer is all about using tech abilities to disable your enemies and keeping your squad alive long enough to finish off those weakened enemies. You have a tech ability for every type of enemy faced in the game ensuring you are never in a situation that can’t be dealt with. The class can be played more of as a caster style with your tech abilities being your primary damage source or more as a combat style using your Pistol as primary damage and tech abilities for occasional support.

Tech Skill – Enemy Types

Here you can see which tech skill to use against enemy types. These skills cover all enemy types you will ever face in the game.

  • Sabotage – Gun-wielding enemies (almost every enemy in the game).
  • Overload – Shielded enemies (including biotic barriers).
  • AI Hacking – Synthetic enemies (includes Geth but not husks).
  • Damping – Tech or biotic using enemies.
  • Neural Shock – Organic enemies.


  • *tested* Medic – Greatly improve your squad’s survivability with boosted healing and revive abilities while keeping yourself alive long enough to use those abilities.
  • Operative – By maximize your disabling tech abilities, your foes become sitting ducks to your squad’s attacks.