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Adepts are the real spellcasters in the Mass Effect universe. The basic principle of biotics is manipulating gravity to do damage to an enemy. For example, the gravity around an enemy can be reversed with Lift so they gravitate up into the air. When they are eventually dropped, they will take fall damage. In some situations they might even fall over a ledge for an instant kill. Another example is Singularity which swirls all the gravity in an area to pull enemies and other objects inside. Enemies can’t really do anything for the duration giving you time to literally “shoot them out of the sky.”


  • *untested* Bastion – This specialization reduces the recharge time on biotic skills and improves your Barrier skill, but the main thing it does is allow you do damage to enemies in Stasis. This is a very powerful bonus when combined with a good weapon talent and skill.
  • Nemesis – This specialization increases the damage and duration of biotic skills. This is a no-brainer for a spellcaster. You already do damage with your skills, or “spells”. Nemesis just increases that even further.