Not many classes can specialize in poison damage. Most players chose either the Summoning skills or the Bone skills for their damage but very few went with the Poison skills. Poison ended up being very good for PvP builds, but it’s still good enough for killing monsters. It definitely is not viable in Hell difficulty with monster immunities, but you can probably make it through Nightmare difficulty.


  • Strength: 106 (based on gear)
  • Dexterity: 0 (based on gear)
  • Vitality: Everything else
  • Energy: 0


  • 20 Poison nova
  • 20 Poison explosion
  • 20 Poison dagger
  • 20 Lower resist
  • 9 Clay golem
  • 4 Golem mastery
  • 1 Summon Resists
  • 1 point in all prerequisites
  • 1 Revive (optional, requires more prerequisites)

Read the full Poisonmancer Guide by Demon Lord for more information.


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