Unlike many other classes, the Sorceress has three viable skill trees. Most players chose one element for their primary damage and another element for secondary damage to deal with immunities. At some point I grew bored of the standard builds and decided to look for something new. I came across the Enchantress. Most players ignored the Enchant skill, but it turned out it could be your main damage skill if you built your character around it.

Now, this build does have a problem with immunities. Having only Fire damage is pretty bad in Hell difficulty. I like to take Frozen Orb for secondary damage. Its one of the best skills for this purpose with very few synergies required to make it work well.


  • Strength: 80 (based on gear)
  • Dexterity: 95 (based on gear)
  • Vitality: Everything else
  • Energy: 0


  • 20 Enchant
  • 20 Warmth
  • 20 Fire Mastery
  • 20 Frozen Orb
  • 1 Teleport
  • 1 Frozen Armor
  • 1 Cold Mastery
  • 1 point in all prerequisites
  • Extra points in Ice Bolt for synergy

This is just one of many possible Enchantress builds. Read the Enchantress Guide by MongoJerry for more information about how to use these skills and other build possibilities.


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