Some Changes to Diablo 3 Builds

Going forward I am not going to include stats on the Diablo 3 build pages. This is because pretty much every class and every build desires the same stats with only a few exceptions. This may change in the Reaper of Souls expansion, but the current stats system is pretty simple. On any particular build page I will note down the few stats that do make a difference for that build, then link to this guide for the general “best stats” that everyone should look for. I will update existing Diablo 3 builds first, and then I have a bunch of new builds I want to publish before the expansion.

Over the past year I haven’t had a lot of motivation to write builds, but I have been keeping track of the popular builds for each class. My current plans are to get all those builds on the site for historical purposes. I expect the expansion to be making huge changes to skills and items. Most of the current top builds will no longer be used in Reaper of Souls. Maybe people that still play Diablo 3 Classic will still have the old skills, and these archived builds can be of some use.

I also have a few of my own builds that, while not optimal, were still pretty fun. I want to get them on the site too. You can expect to see more activity on the site for the next few months. Another one of my goals is to get two characters of each class to level 60 twice for the achievement. I have so far only done this with the Monk class. I will be splitting my writing time with leveling these characters. In the next post I will write up a general stats guide for Diablo 3 as it exists currently to go along with the build changes.


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