A Break for the Holidays and Early 2013

For the next few months I will be taking a break. I’ve written this a few times, but it usually takes me two day’s worth of free time (2-3 hours) to make a new build or character update: one day to write most of the content and one day for polishing.

I’ve been blogging about RPG builds pretty regularly since May with Diablo 3 and again in September with Torchlight 2. In that time, I have posted about 13 character updates and 9 new builds for a total of 22 postings. That’s roughly 6 months where a large portion of my free time is working on the blog.

I just want to play games for a little bit. I still have a couple more builds I want to write over those few months, but I will take a break from the one post per week schedule I am using now.

So it’s gonna be a little while, maybe April or May, when I get back to regular posting here. That could be a pattern that begins to appear on the blog, because I do generally have more free time in Spring, Summer, and Fall than Winter. Besides the Holidays in early Winter, I like to take a break from my non-gaming hobbies to just focus on games. It’s when I get to catch up on the games I missed or neglected the previous year.


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