The Ragemaster is a critical hit-based, dual-wielding Berserker build. Good Focus and Strength scores improve dual-wielding damage while high Dexterity props up critical hit chance. The character gets most of their damage from regular weapon attacks with passive skills and supporting active skills to boost those regular attacks. The majority of attributes, skills, and spells are for one purpose: improving weapon damage.


Strength: 15 + 85 = 100
Dexterity: 15 + 220 = 235
Focus: 5 + 95 = 100
Vitality: 5 + 95 = 100
Every level put 2 points in Dexterity and 1 point each in Strength, Focus, and Vitality. Once Strength, Focus, and Vitality are at 100 each, put all 5 points per level-up in Dexterity. This will be around level 93.

This build needs a little bit of everything. You need some Vitality just to survive at higher levels. For dual-wielding, some Focus for higher execute chance is good. Strength is needed to boost weapon damage and goes along well with dual-wielding. Finally, high Dexterity will give you high critical chance and Fumble recovery. This critical chance is needed for a few skills below.


Weapons Expertise VI (passive)
Dual Wielding VI (passive)
Dervish VI
Draining Touch VI
Silence VI (on pet)
Retribution VI (on pet)
Summon Blood Zombie (on pet)
Summon Skeleton VI (on pet)

Being a build based on regular weapon attacks, we want the most weapon damage possible. Two of the passive skills grant huge bonuses to weapon damage: Weapons Expertise and Dual Wielding. Weapons Expertise VI gives +24% weapon damage and Dual Wielding VI gives 36% weapon damage when dual-wielding for a total of +60% weapon damage. That’s a massive bonus for a build like this.

We can add to that even further with Dervish VI, which adds +30% attack speed. You already have pretty fast attack speed while dual-wielding Claws, but this improves it even further. Since this build doesn’t use direct damage skills, this is almost another +30% weapon damage. This synergizes very well with Health and Mana stolen on hit affixes (including Draining Touch VI) as well as Blood Hunger’s reliance on critical hits.

For the pet spells, I go back to the old standard of survivability for the pet owner. Aside from Retribution, these spells are all meant to help your character survive a little bit more. Silence will keep casters from using their annoying spells on you. With the summons I chose ones with a little bit more offensive side to them. These summons are not cannon fodder like Summon Archers or Summon Zombies. Summon Blood Zombie and Summon Skeleton only create one monster to aid you, but they are much stronger and do more damage than the other summons.


Iceshield 15
Blood Hunger 15 (passive)
Battle Rage 15
Executioner 15 (passive)
Wolf Shade 15
Rampage 12 (passive)
Howl 15
Shred Armor 15 (passive)
Frenzy Mastery 15 (passive)
Total: 132 (Lv 100, Fame 32)

Max the skills roughly in this order, but always put one point in the skill as soon as it unlocks. This will allow you to get used to how the skill works before the mana cost is really high. Most skills are pretty good even with only one point in them.

A good first two skills are Iceshield and Blood Hunger. Before you get your damage up, it’s good to have a few defensive skills. Iceshield when maxed will make you relatively immune to ranged attacks. This also includes direct damage spells. It has a very high mana cost with a short duration, but you won’t have any other skills demanding your mana at this point. You can afford the mana cost. Blood Hunger is a great passive skill combined with the high critical chance and fast attacks of this build. It will keep your Health topped off.

More offensive skills, Battle Rage and Executioner, are next. Battle Rage has a long duration and fairly low mana cost, so it shouldn’t cause mana problems combined with Iceshield. Battle Rage gives you more damage per monster in range. One of the skill tiers also adds a defensive bonus. This is a great skill for a melee attacker. In any major battle you will have at least 3 monsters in range for +30% damage. Executioner adds on to your execute chance from Focus. It also adds a really nice Charge rate bonus every time you execute. With a high enough execute chance, you can have this Charge rate bonus up 100% of the time.

Wolf Shade is mainly a defensive skill. It can do some good damage, but it is there to take some of the hits from monsters instead of them all attacking your character. It’s attacks also steal Health that add to your character’s Health. Rampage is much the same as the Frenzy bonus (what Berserkers get from maxing Charge bar) but more unpredictable. With both combined you can get some killer attack speed bonuses. The maximum chance is only 11%, but it’s a huge bonus.

You’ll see by now how all the skills are simply buffs for your character. This build is about doing max damage with regular attacks. Howl fits right into that with a nice bonus to monster damage taken. It also reduces monster attack, cast, and movement speeds by the same amount. This will make it easier to focus fire on one monster without the others pounding on your Berserker and doing heavy damage.

The last skills are a couple of passives. Frenzy Mastery obviously improves your Frenzy bonus from filling the Charge bar. With the skill maxed, it roughly doubles the duration. With the fast attack speed of this build, you can build Charge very quickly. You could potentially have a permanent Frenzy as long as there are monsters around.

Shred Armor is another damage-increasing passive skill. It functions much like the -X Armor affix, where each hit you do reduces the monsters Armor by a little bit. This fits in greatly with punching through high Armor monsters in the high levels. It also gives your Berserker an Armor bonus, which scales with level. This can be thought of as a permanent Armor bonus in combat.

Stats to Look For

Dual-wielding two one-handed weapons is required for this build. Of all the weapon types, Claws will be the best because they ignore half of the monster’s Armor. A big problem with one-hand weapons in the late game is getting through monster Armor. In this game Armor is a flat reduction to incoming damage, 5 Armor is 5 less damage taken per hit. Many fast, but low damage hits are reduced much, much more than a just a few slow, big hits. The Shred Armor passive skill helps, but Claw weapons, because of that unique half-Armor stat, can overcome this more easily.

+X% All Damage
+X Melee Weapon Damage (can be constant or percentage)
+X Strength or Focus
+X% Critical hit chance
+X Mana stolen on hit
+X Mana recovery per second / Mana/sec per monster in X meters
+X Dexterity

With Dexterity so high already, diminishing returns makes other stats better. Of course All Damage and Melee Weapon Damage bonuses will give the biggest increase in damage, but Strength and Focus bonuses will also be pretty good. Those two attributes being at only 100 means you can still add a lot to them before diminishing returns becomes an issue (starting at 200ish). Critical hit chance is always a good one though. You can only get 50% from Dexterity, so there is a lot of room for this stat on items.

Aside from damage you need some Mana steal for this build. The four active skills and two active skills with this build have the following mana costs:

  • Wolf Shade – 96 Mana per 60 seconds => 1.6 Mana per second
  • Iceshield – 64 Mana per 10 seconds => 6.4 Mana per second
  • Battle Rage – 44 Mana per 60 seconds => 0.7 Mana per second
  • Howl – 47 Mana per 13 seconds => 3.6 Mana per second
  • Dervish VI – 116 Mana per 60 seconds => 1.9 Mana per second
  • Draining Touch VI – 53 per 30 seconds => 1.8 Mana per second
    Total: 16 Mana per second

Therefore, rounding up a little bit 20 Mana stolen on hit will be enough to cast all your skills and spells as soon as they are available. Now alternatively, you could go with Mana recovery per second on your Armor items. Getting 16 Mana recovery per second would be hard to do, but you could combine a little bit of that on armor items with Mana steal on weapons.

+X Vitality
+X Health stolen on hit
+X Health recovery per second / Health/sec per monster in X meters
+X Physical Armor (can be constant or percentage)
+X Fire/Ice/Electric/Poison Armor
+X% Dodge chance
+X Dexterity

Health and Vitality bonuses will be the best when combined with the Blood Hunger skill. It heals based on your maximum Health. The higher you can get it, the bigger the heal you get from the skill. Straight Health affixes will give you more than Vitality affixes, but Vitality is still an option. Along with this your fast dual-wielding Claws give you that many more chances for Health stolen on hit. Because of your weapon speed, you can get 2-3 times the shown Health steal rate. For example, 30 Health steal is equal to 60-90 Health steal per second because of your high attack speed.

Next there is Armor to consider. Without high Vitality, it’s really hard to keep your Armor and Elemental Armor up high. For the most part, just try to balance the various Armors. Physical Armor should be about three times the various Elemental Armors. Try to keep the Elemental Armors around the same number, so you can tackle any kind of spellcaster. For instance, having 1500 Physical Armor you should try to have 500 in each Elemental Armor. It’s okay to specialize in one Element if you know a certain area is heavy in that Element, but otherwise keep them at the same number.

Lastly is Dexterity and dodge chance. This build has a high base Dexterity, so it won’t give much return for getting lots of Dexterity on items. Dodge chance is still very good unless you get to the cap. That is very hard to do though. You can only really get around 40% dodge chance from Dexterity and the rest of the way to the cap would require stacking small (1-5%) dodge bonuses from items. Dodge chance is a nice bonus on items, but rare to find on them.


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