Icy Firestarter

The Icy Firestarter is a medium range Embermage build. The Fire skills are used for your main source of damage with Ice skills for survivability and support. With good survivability skills you can get away with a low amount of Vitality. This allows you to pump up your Fire damage to the extreme for fast killing. While the Embermage generally fills the role of glass cannon, this build is much more of a hybrid between damage and survivability, with a little more emphasis on the damage side.


Strength: 5 + 0 = 5
Dexterity: 10 + 140 = 150
Focus: 15 + 265 = 280
Vitality: 10 + 90 = 100
For the most part, put points in Focus 2:1 compared to Dexterity, but every 5 levels put all 5 points in Vitality until it is at 100. A ratio of 2:1 can be achieved with 2 Focus, 3 Dexterity every 3 levels and 4 Focus, 1 Dexterity all other levels. For example, in 3 levels 4F, 1D + 4F, 1D + 2F, 3D = 10F, 5D. Focus is exactly twice Dexterity, a 2:1 ratio. Just watch when you are getting to the later levels to make sure you don’t go over.

With high Focus your skills and spells will do very good damage and you will have a high mana pool. A good amount of Dexterity will up your critical chance and also help a little bit with dodge chance. Normally you shouldn’t be getting hit much, but a little dodge chance can help. For survivability, your spells and skills will be relied on, but 100 Vitality will allow you to survive a few hits. That’s enough for you to get away and use a Health potion.


Arcane Tools VI
Elemental Overload VI
Fireball VI / Roller VI
Concentration VI
Silence VI (on pet)
Summon Archers VI (on pet)
Summon Zombie VI (on pet)
Heal All VI (on pet)

Arcane Tools increases magical weapon damage. Remember that elemental damage on weapons is added to your skill and spell damage if it is the same element. This means you want to find as much Fire and Ice damage on your weapon as possible. Arcane Tools will boost that damage and indirectly boost your Fire and Ice skills. A few skills do damage based on Weapon DPS, directly improved by Arcane Tools.

We round out the support spells with Concentration and Elemental Overload. Concentration is a great way to keep your mana up passively. You will have a pretty large mana pool by the end of the game. Six Mana recovery per second along with bonuses from items will give you much more longevity in boss fights. Elemental Overload is simply a great boost to your skill and spell damage with +25% all elemental damage at the highest spell level.

The only actual damage spell in this build is Fireball or Roller. It’s really up to you which one of these to go with. Fireball is a little bit more direct damage while Roller is better for large groups of monsters. Roller can do more damage if you hit the same target, but that requires you to be in close range, not the best thing for a glass cannon. In my experience, Roller is a rarer spell to find in the game. Fireball might be your only option.

For the pet we have a few summon spells to distract monsters from your glass cannon Embermage and a couple support spells. Silence does a good job keeping monsters from spamming their high damage spells on your character. Heal All keeps your Health topped off in the few cases you get hit. The pet knows only to cast it if your Health is below maximum.


Magma Spear 15
Frost Phase 15
Frozen Fate 15
Icy Blast 15
Staff Mastery 15
Fire Brand 15
Elemental Attunement 15
Firestorm 15
Prismatic Rift 12
Total: 132 (Lv 100, Fame 32)

Magma Spear is your all purpose weapon, and Frost Phase is your escape tool. When enemies get close, Frost Phase back to Freeze them and continue dishing out Fire damage with Magma Spear. Put one point in all these skills as they become available, but try to max them out in this order.

Once those are maxed start increasing Frozen Fate for more Freezes on enemies. Unlike Frost Phase which just slows down enemies, Frozen Fate can immobilize enemies allowing you to pelt them for a few seconds without retaliation. Along with this take Icy Blast for more Freeze and Immobilization chances. It does okay damage, but Magma Spear does more. Use Icy Blast every 4-6 seconds and Magma Spear for the rest of the time.

Next we get to several passive skills. Staff Mastery grants a debuff when you attack monsters with Magma Spear or Icy Blast that reduces their Elemental Armors. Since Magma Spear is your primary damage skill, this debuff will pretty much always be on monsters.

Fire Brand and Elemental Attunement go hand in hand. On the Fire side, they will increase Burn chance and duration. That synergizes nicely with Fire Brand’s bonus damage on Burning enemies. On the Ice side, Elemental Attunement will increase the frequency and duration of all the Freeze effects you get from those skills. So Elemental Attunement helps both offensively and defensively.

Note that the Fire damage over time you get from Magma Spear and Firestorm is not considered a Burn effect. The Burn effect is a random chance caused by any Fire damage to monsters with Elemental Attunement increasing that random chance. Also, Fire Brand will only add the bonus damage once per Burn effect.

For example, if Magma Spear inflicts Burn for 6 seconds randomly, you will only get one Fire Brand added on to that. However, if another Burn effect happens before the first one is finished, you do get another Fire Brand added. You can think of it as Fire Brand damage is added per proc, not per spell cast. If your spells randomly cause Burn three times in 10 seconds, you will get three Fire Brands added on. If the spells only cause Burn one time though, you only get one Fire Brand.

Finally, we get to Firestorm and Prismatic Rift. Firestorm is your main area damage spell. In boss fights it will kill all the weak enemies, while you focus on the boss with Magma Spear. Even outside of boss fights it is great to use while to focus on the high Health monsters with Magma Spear. Prismatic Rift is simply another survivability boost. Random monster attackers get teleported away from you. It’s a great way to keep monsters out of melee range.

Stats to Look For

The Staff Mastery skill only works with staffs, so that’s the weapon to go for with this build. This is explained more below, but a staff with Fire and Ice damage is preferred because the damage will get added to your Fire and Ice skills. Wands are also an option though if you replace Staff Mastery with another skill. Read more about this in the Variations section below.

+X% All Damage
+X Focus
+X Fire/Ice Damage (can be constant or percentage)
+X Mana recovery per second / Mana/sec for every monster within X meters
+X% Critical hit chance
+X Dexterity

Increases to All Damage are great but hard to find. Focus’s increase to magic damage does not have a cap, so increase it as much as you can. Focus is also much easier to find than All Damage. Don’t forget about Fire and Ice damage though. Between the two, Fire damage is definitely preferred. Your Fire skills will deal most of the damage, so prefer Fire damage bonuses on items over Ice damage bonuses. If you can get both though, even better. Staffs usually have elemental damage too, so look for ones with those two elements.

While you will have a large mana pool, it will run out quickly if you don’t have any Mana recovery per second. You will get a little bit from your Concentration spell, but look for it on items too. There are quite a few rare quality gems with Mana recovery on them you can socket in your armor items. Towards the later levels you will start seeing items with Mana recovery based on the number of monsters in range. This one can be powerful since this is a medium range build. You can probably guarantee two or three monsters in a 5m radius.

Dexterity and critical chance are also nice but without high Strength this build probably will have low critical damage. By default you will only get +50% damage from critical hits. Still, if you can get critical chance to 25% or so, you will get an okay damage boost from critical hits.

+X Vitality
+X% Dodge chance
+X Dexterity
+X Physical Armor (can be constant or percentage)
+X Fire/Ice/Electric/Poison Armor

With a lot of survivability skills, you won’t need a whole lot of defensive stats on your items. Health is probably going to give you the most bang for your buck. With low Vitality you will have low Health. Doubling or tripling your Health with a few good +Health stats on items is well within the realms of possibility.

Dodge chance (and Dexterity) are also good. Even with a lot of Health bonuses a good critical hit from monsters can sometimes one-shot your character. If that hit were dodged though, it’s suddenly no big deal. Dodged attacks deal no damage. You can dodge both physical and magical attacks. The only things that can’t be dodged are area damage spells (Dragon’s Breath) and damage over time (Poison, Burn).

Physical Armor and Elemental Armor will be fairly weak for your character. Dodge chance will be so low adding a few points here and there won’t make much difference. You won’t be able to get Physical or Elemental Armor high enough to make a difference.


-Icy Blast
-Fireball VI / Roller VI
+Elemental Boon
+Frost VI
While Icy Blast’s Freeze and Immobilize chance really help survivability, you can choose to use the Frost VI spell instead. This will give you 15 skill points to use in Elemental Boon, which increases both your Elemental Armor and Elemental Damage by 25% for 15 seconds. While Frost VI has a 100% Freeze chance and does pretty good damage over time, it does not have any Immobilize chance. Another tradeoff is losing Fireball VI or Roller VI (whichever you chose). You won’t have that third Fire based skill/spell to use.

-Staff Mastery
+Elemental Boon
Elemental Boon will do basically the same thing as Staff Mastery but in a different way. Staff Mastery directly lowers monster Elemental Armors, so your spells do more damage. On the other hand, Elemental Boon will increase your Elemental damage by 25%. Elemental Boon is the bigger bonus, but it also has a 1 minute cooldown and a mana cost to deal with. This is a good alternative if you want to use Wands instead of a Staff. Both dual-wielding Wands and Wand + Shield are an option.


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