Outlander Sniper

A traditional glass cannon archer build, the Outlander Sniper is the master of long range bow/crossbow attacks. With a mix of single target, area of effect, and passive damage skills, they can handle any group of monsters. While the focus is max damage, a few survivability skills and spells are needed to stay alive in the higher New Game Plus modes. The pet in particular helps by crowding monsters with summons to attack instead of your character. This also has the effect of keeping monsters in place to take maximum damage from your area skills.


Strength: 10 + 135 = 145
Dexterity: 15 + 265 = 280
Focus: 10 + 0 = 10
Vitality: 5 + 95 = 100
For the most part put points in Dexterity 2:1 compared to Strength, but every 5 levels put all 5 points in Vitality until it is at 100. A ratio of 2:1 can be achieved with 2 Dexterity, 3 Strength every 3 levels and 4 Dexterity, 1 Strength all other levels. For example, in 3 levels 4D, 1S + 4D, 1S + 2D, 3S = 10D, 5S. Dexterity is exactly twice Strength, a 2:1 ratio. Just watch when you are getting to the later levels to make sure you don’t go over.

For Veteran difficulty, I feel you need at least 100 Vitality to survive as a glass cannon. That’s enough to take a few hits before dying. You really shouldn’t get hit very much as a glass cannon. Since this build has a lot of skills based on weapon DPS, high Dexterity and Strength makes sense. Use the highest DPS bow or crossbow you can find. The slower the weapon the better for this build.


Marksmanship VI
Dervish VI
Haste VI
Adrenaline Rush VI
Frost VI (on pet)
Summon Archers VI (on pet)
Summon Zombies VI (on pet)
Summon Blood Zombie (on pet)

The Sniper’s spells are mostly defensive but a few will add to your offense. A long range glass cannon doesn’t want to be hit by enemies. That can be done in four ways: (1) do massive damage to kill enemies before they can kill you, (2) slow down enemies so they do much less damage, (3) put summons in the way that monsters will attack instead of your character, and (4) speed up your movement to avoid monster attacks. A little bit of each exists in these spells.

Number 1 will mostly be taken care of through attributes and skills but Marksmanship’s increased ranged weapon damage and Dervish’s increased attack and cast speed help greatly. Number 2 is done through the Frost spell that slows monsters and some skills. All the Summon spells handle Number 3. That just leaves Haste and Adrenaline Rush to help with Number 4. Adrenaline Rush gives you a 15% chance to gain a huge movement and attack speed bonus when struck. Haste mostly just gives movement speed. In the end, Adrenaline Rush is less reliable but more powerful than Haste. I like them both.


Rapid Fire 15
Long Range Mastery 15
Rune Vault 15
Tangling Shot 15
Poison Burst 15
Chaos Burst 15
Shadowmantle 15
Venomous Hail 15
Master of the Elements 12
Total: 132 (Lv 100, Fame 32)

While you are leveling up put 1 point in each skill as they unlock, but only max them out in this order. When you get to a high enough level, you will start hitting level requirements and you will more easily be able to spread points around without neglecting a higher priority skill.

Rapid Fire and Long Range Mastery are your bread and butter skills early on. Rapid Fire can do a lot of damage to one target or spread out to lots of weak targets. That utility makes it a really good all around skill. Long Range Mastery is just a good damage increase and the increased range really helps a glass cannon.

Next add Rune Vault and Tangling Shot for survivability. Rune Vault will keep you alive when enemies get in melee range. Tangling Shot will prevent a lot of enemies from getting to that point. Note that most bosses are heavily resistant to Immobilize, Stun, and Flee, so Rune Vault really shines in those situations.

Poison Burst is some good area damage when you aren’t high enough level to use the really good area damage Venomous Hail skill and don’t have the mana pool to support it either. Even when you get Venomous Hail, Poison Burst will be a nice passive damage increase similar to Long Range Mastery.

Chaos Burst is your boss killer skill. At max rank, it does 5 hits on the target for 340% of weapon DPS. That’s massive damage but only to a single target. It does go through targets and ricochet off walls, but that’s unreliable damage you can think of as a nice bonus. You won’t be able to use Chaos Burst solely in boss fights though. Many times you will need to use Venomous Hail to take out their minions while using the survivability skills to stay alive.

Shadowmantle rounds out the survivability skills. This is a nice “shield” skill that has a high chance to reflect missiles back at the target for pretty high damage. Monsters that take damage from this are also blinded. Reflect Missiles will reflect spells, but only single target ones that hit your character. Any area damage attack like a dragon’s breath attack will not be affected. Still, it will keep your Outlander alive against ranged attackers whose damage can’t be mitigated by staying out of melee range.

Venomous Hail finishes up your 6 active skills. It’s a very high damage area skill. The only problem is that monsters need to stay in the area effect to take the full damage. This is where your pet’s summons and Frost spell come in handy. If your character is close to enemies, a high rank Rune Vault can also help by Blinding enemies.

The last skill is a passive one called Master of the Elements. By this point you will have four skills that do poison damage: Tangling Shot, Poison Burst, Chaos Burst, and Venomous Hail. All of these will be improved by this passive skill, so it’s a good one to finish the build with.

Stats to Look For

Bows and Crossbows are the best weapons for this build. A Sniper is a glass cannon. You want distance from enemies. Bows and Crossbows have the longer range.

+X% All Damage
+X Ranged Weapon Damage (can be constant or percentage)
+X Strength
+X Mana steal on hit
+X Physical Damage (can be constant or percentage)
+X% Critical Hit Chance
+X% Critical Damage
+X Dexterity
Charge rate increased by X%

It would seem that Dexterity would be better to improve for a glass cannon Sniper, but Strength is generally going to add more damage. This is because Dexterity has pretty big severe diminishing returns. All three secondary stats that Dexterity increases (Critical chance, Dodge chance, Fumble Recovery) have diminishing returns. Strength has diminishing returns on Critical damage, but not on Weapon damage. With this build you will have high Dexterity with your attribute points. Focus on Strength with your gear.

That doesn’t mean critical hit chance is bad on items. There are no diminishing returns for critical chance from items, so get as much of it as you can (at least up to the 100% cap). Also, a low Strength build like this can benefit a lot from critical damage bonuses. It’s pretty rare to find these critical chance or damage on items though, so Ranged Weapon Damage and Physical Damage will usually be easier to find.

You will also want some Mana steal to use lots of skills. At endgame you don’t want to have to use regular hits very often. Without any attribute points in Focus, you won’t have the mana pool to do that unless you have high Mana steal. That’s going to be around 50 for this build. You can get away with around 25 if you have to, but aim for more. I know you can get a gem with around 26 Mana steal in NG++ mode. Get a good unique bow that has a socket. Then, find a socket enchanter to add a socket to it. Two Mana Steal gems will be more than enough.

The Outlander’s Charge has pretty good bonuses, but I don’t consider it essential for this build. With a fast weapon you can probably max your Charge bar fairly easily without any Charge rate increases. With a slow weapon, you might want a little bit of this stat to make battles a little faster.

+X% Dodge chance
+X Vitality
+X Dexterity
+X Physical Armor (can be constant or percentage)
+X Fire/Ice/Electric/Poison Armor

Being a glass cannon build, defensive stats are not as important. They are still required so you don’t die in one hit though. No matter how good a player you are, you will make mistakes sometimes and get hit by a monster. Your character needs to be able to take a few hits, but you won’t need anything close to what a melee character needs.

For the most part, don’t focus on Armor really at all. It’s futile to try to keep your Armor up to take monster damage. Just upgrade your items as needed for offensive purposes. Vitality will still be good for the Health bonuses, but +Health will usually be better. Health to soak up a few hits is all you need really. Critical hits from monster will most likely kill you in one hit, but regular hits should be fine.

Dodge chance and Dexterity are also nice. Dexterity has diminishing returns on dodge chance, but dodge chance from items does not. With high dodge chance, the monsters that get a hit in will usually be dodged. Only rarely will your Health matter. Dodge chance does have a cap of 75%, though it is hard to reach that without a lot of lucky dodge chance enchantments on items.


-Chaos Burst
+Share the Wealth
Chaos Burst will generally do more damage with slow, two-hand bows and crossbows. These types of weapons have a higher DPS than fast, one-hand pistols and wands to make up for only being able to equip one instead of two. However, fast weapons have the advantage of building Charge faster.

Your character will get more out of their Charge bar, so Share the Wealth will be a good boost for them. So basically, if planning to use a slow weapon, take Chaos Burst. If planning to use a fast weapon, take Share the Wealth instead. I recommend using a bow or crossbow, but pistols and wands will also work. That’s where Share the Wealth is beneficial.


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