Lorzate, Torchlight 2 Engineer #8

Lorzate finally made it to level 100! Well, maybe I shouldn’t say finally. Compared to Torchlight 1, it took about 15 hours less to get to level 100. They made the leveling curve more generous, but Torchlight 2 was a whole lot more interesting to level in. It only took one act to gain these last 6 levels. I was thinking there would start being huge exponential experience requirements per level, but it never happened. It was pretty smooth leveling.

In this update, I found not one, but two legendary items. These are a class even above uniques with extremely powerful stats. I would guess they are 20-30% more powerful than an equal item-level unique. My level 100 mace does 700 DPS while the legendary axe does 1000 DPS. These are truly collector’s items. The game even tells you how many there are. For example, I got “Legendary Axe Four Out of Four”. There must be three others to find.

Level 100 Engineer (capped)
Fame Level 33: Demigod (capped)

Strength: 322 (+1%)
Dexterity: 129 (+0%)
Focus: 5 (-87%)
Vitality: 481 (+25%)

Damage: 1651-3161 (+16%)
Health: 8662 (+5%)
Mana: 177 (-2%)
Armor: 2364 (+15%)
Block Chance: 75% (+0%) (capped)

Lorzate ended his journey with good improvements to Vitality, Health, and Armor. Focus went down a bit after I replaced a couple items that had Focus enchantments. Monsters definitely were doing more damage in Act 3. Unlike Acts 1 & 2 in NG++, I had to use Forcefield throughout Act 3. Lorzate was kept safe, but it took longer to kill stuff.


Healing Bot 15
Bulwark 15
Seismic Slam 15
Forcefield 15
Shield Bash 15
Ember Hammer 15
Sword and Board 15
Fire and Spark 15
Emberquake 10
Flame Hammer 1
Aegis of Fate 1

I got further with Emberquake than I expected. I was guessing around 8 or 9 points in it but ended up getting to 10 ranks. This makes sense though. You get 132 points with max level and max fame. Without those two points in Flame Hammer and Aegis of Fate, Emberquake would have 12 points. That’s 3 away from the 15 cap, and 132 is 3 away from 9 skills maxed.

Emberquake turned out to be an excellent skill. I wasn’t expecting it to be so good. In Torchlight 1 the trails of fire went out in random directions. You could only be sure to hit the really close enemies, but in Torchlight 2, Emberquake trails of fire actually seek out enemies. Even pretty distant enemies will get hit with 2 or 3 of them. The mana cost is also less than I expected, and it does more damage than Ember Hammer on single targets.

I still think Ember Hammer has a use though. It’s the best against regular groups of enemies. It can one-hit most of them, or two hits at the most. Emberquake is best for champions. In melee range, all 8 trails of fire will hit the main target for massive damage. While Emberquake will do about the same damage to groups as Ember Hammer, Ember Hammer has a tiny bit longer range and a knockback effect. Most monsters have a hard time retaliating when you keep knocking them back, so Lorzate feels more “tanky” when using it. Emberquake has no knockback at all.


Known spells:
Armor Expertise VI
Elemental Protection VI
Blocking V
Weapons Expertise VI
Dervish VI (on pet)
Silence V (on pet)
Heal All VI (on pet)
Retribution VI (on pet)

No changes here. I didn’t find either Blocking VI or Silence VI. Since this is the end of Lorzate’s journey, I probably won’t be finishing these up. I’d rather use the spells on a new Engineer with a more optimized build.

Desired spells:
Blocking VI – have V, looking for VI
Silence VI (on pet) – have V, looking for VI


This is my first Legendary item drop. I didn’t even know they existed! This item holds the new record for the most DPS I have seen on a weapon in Torchlight 2. Massive critical bonuses means this two-hander will do killer damage. I estimate 50,000 damage criticals with a fully charged Ember Hammer.

I wished this were a mace as that was Lorzate’s preferred weapon type, but still this has very high DPS. Ice Damage won’t fit with Engineer though since they have no Ice damage skills. I guess it could be used with an Embermage at level 100.

A great Embermage chest armor with Focus and Mana.

This item is full of proc effects. It reminds me of a skill in another game that had random effects every time it was used. That’s sort of how this weapon is. Each time you attack, there’s quite a few things that could happen. It keeps combat interesting.

Execute chance is rare to find on a ring, so this one is excellent for a Berserker. The Set bonus also looks great.

This is Lorzate’s new belt. Massive Vitality and Poison Armor, perfect for Act 3’s heavy Poison monsters. I added Fire Armor with the socket.

Lucky Coin – One more dropped in the last run, but it had the same stats as the previous one.

The Eye of the Grizzled Alpha – The stats (Strength, Health steal) are just a little bit higher.

The Eye of Marishka – Likewise for this gem, the same stats (Dexterity, Shadowling chance) but higher values.

Not too many items this time. It was a much shorter session than the last one. Lorzate did get a few upgrades though like that Babbage Belt and some rare quality items. These upgrades pushed his Vitality up very high. He even got some good Armor increases, but the monsters are starting to scale faster than his gear.

This is the first time I have found Legendary items, and they had amazing stats compared to uniques. I wonder if I just had extreme luck finding two of them in such short time. What’s interesting is that the flavor text says they are part of a collection. I wonder if this is just to help the player keep track of them, the intent being to collect them all eventually.


Since Lorzate was at level 94, he only needed to gain 6 levels to get to the level cap of 100. Last week, I needed to gain 10 levels, and it took almost two full acts. This time with about half the levels needed, it only took one act. Act 3 being the biggest act meant it was just enough.

I actually didn’t have to do the big Vyrax’s Tower dungeon. When I turned in the Robot Parts quest, Lorzate gained enough xp to level up. I think that quest is a special one. Every time Lorzate has completed it, he has gained a level. Either it gives massive experience points each time or, what I believe to be the case, it gives a guaranteed level gain. Basically, whatever experience you need to get to the next level, that’s what the quest rewards you. That makes sense as it is the longest quest in the game; it takes 6 dungeons spread over 3 acts to complete.

Well it was a fun journey but its time has ended. Lorzate will live on in the record books on Slash ‘n Blast. I will not be deleting the character just in case someone comes out with a mod to reset skills and attributes, but now I want to work on writing some builds for Torchlight 2. This build ended up working out better than I expected. For the most part I can keep it as is, but I have a few optimizations in mind to improve it.


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