Top 10 Reasons to Buy Torchlight 2

In celebration of Torchlight 2’s release, I present the top ten reasons you should buy it:

Reason #1: Traditional Gameplay

Let’s face it. Many people were disappointed with the direction Blizzard took Diablo 3. Torchlight 2 with it’s refined Diablo 2-style gameplay is the answer. Take Diablo 2, apply liberal amounts of balancing and polishing, and you have Torchlight 2.

Reason #2: Cooperative Multiplayer

This is is the big reason many players couldn’t get into Torchlight 1. Why spend all that time farming the “epic lootz” if you can’t show it off to your friends? Well, now you can, both online and LAN.

Reason #3: LAN Mode

Developers these days just don’t support LAN mode anymore. They claim it is piracy, but everyone knows that’s a lie. A good game will stand on its own and people will buy it. Yes, there are always pirates, but they are way more likely to pirate when the developer is not on their side with an always online requirement.

Reason #4: User Mods

As far as I know, the Torchlight games are the only Action RPGs to have official mod support. The new TorchED mod tools for Torchlight 2 are improved immensely over the first iteration. Now, anyone can make mods for the game including custom levels, dungeons, and quests. Mods can even be used online with other players. They haven’t released the tools yet, but expect them within a month.

Reason #5: Hassle-free DRM

Yes, if you buy it from Steam, it will come with the basic Steam DRM. However, if you buy directly from Runic Games’ or Perfect World’s website it just does a one time online activation. This is equivalent to a CD check, something everyone understands and is used to.

Reason #6: Steampunk World

A lot of people say Torchlight is just cartoony like World of Warcraft. I’ll admit there are a lot of similarities, but the Torchlight world changes things up with a much more Steampunk feel. Trains and robots are a common sight in the Torchlight world making the world much closer to Final Fantasy 7 than WoW. The graphics are also a shade darker than WoW’s.

Reason #7: Improved Endgame

The boring infinite dungeon has been replaced with Elite mode. This allows you to go anywhere in the world and kill much tougher monsters for better loot. You are no longer stuck farming the same areas over and over. The random dungeon scrolls are also back, but this time you can generate custom ones based on your preferences. Choose from things like dungeon tileset and enemy types to create your own custom dungeons scaled to your character’s level for more experience and loot.

Reason #8: Low Price

The full game is just $20 at launch, let alone Steam sales. This game is roughly the same length as Diablo 2 or 3 but sells for less than half the price. You are also supporting an indie developer.

Reason #9: Torchlight 1 Times 3

The first game only took about 10 hours to get through the story dungeon, about the same length as one act in Diablo 2. Torchlight 2 on the other hand is 4 acts, roughly 3.5 times the length. Not only that, but there are 4 classes instead of 3, far more item types possible to find, and an attributes system in which they are all useful to every class in some way.

Reason #10: Orchestral Score by Matt Uelmen

In the first game the percussion and the guitar segments were real recordings by Matt Uelmen, but the rest of the music was mostly sound samples. However for Torchlight 2, we get an amazing orchestral score as good as any full priced game these days. When’s the last time you saw a $20 game with an orchestral score? Not only that, you can download it for free from the official Torchlight 2 website!


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