Introducing Lorzate, My Torchlight 2 Engineer!

I’ve said previously that I was going with Outlander, but I was thinking a lot about my Torchlight 1 character updates and have decided to go with another tank character. So my Engineer will be a tank. The Engineer Aegis skill tree is basically a tank tree, but I don’t want to put all my points there. There’s a few skills in the other two trees that I think will work better and have a similar theme.

I have a tentative build planned but won’t be posting it until I have gotten pretty far with the game. The attributes are new, a lot of the affixes on items are new or function differently, most of the passive skills in Torchlight 1 are now available from spell scrolls. I don’t even know what all the spells are yet, but I’m really excited to find out as I play and as other players post stuff online.

I will be posting a new character update every Wednesday until I get to level 100 with Lorzate, the Engineer. Each update I will post any Unique items I find plus my thoughts on all the skills that unlocked in the period. I will also put up my attributes to see how they have improved. I only plan to do this with my Engineer. After he gets to 100 I will write the tank build and get one build up for the other 3 classes in Torchlight 2. Expect the first update Wednesday 26, 2012.


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