Restructuring Pages

When I first created the blog, I liked the idea of a really organized set of pages for all the builds. The problem is you really only care about the builds, not the game pages or the class pages. I can see the need for some organization, but there is a bit too much bloat right now.

There are three issues with the current structure. First, readers have to click through too many pages to find the builds they want. You have to click through Builds > Game > Class just to see the list of builds. If you decide you want to see builds for another class you have to back out and click the other class to see that list. It feels like too much work. I like how organized it is, but the class pages really don’t have any meaningful information, and I can include that on the game page itself.

The second issue is how I post new builds. People aren’t going to refresh the builds pages to see when a new build is added. I make an announcement post for each one, but the actual build is on a separate page. It’s annoyance having to find the link in the announcement post to get to the actual build.

To ameliorate these two issues I am delisting the class and specific build pages. All the builds will be available directly from the game page. On top of that, all builds will put on the site as posts, not pages. I will eventually be going through all the old builds and turning them into posts. For now only new builds will be posts.

Now the last issue is with the menus. They are too long. This goes for both Builds and Reference. Ten menu items isn’t that bad, but it will only grow in the future as I get more games. So I am consolidating the games into “series”. All of the Diablo games will be under one item: Diablo Series.

These changes will be happening over the next few weeks. I will start with the Diablo Series along with a Wizard build I have coming Friday. Then I will slowly go through the other game series and get everything looking right. There may be broken links or missing pages for a little bit.


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