Preventing Spirit starvation as a Monk in Diablo 3

One the issues you can run into with the Monk class is Spirit starvation. This is when you just feel like you don’t have enough Spirit coming in. You have all these skills but feel like you can only use your Primary Skills. I came across this while playing my Monk. I made my first Monk build mostly based on experience in the game, but I want to make future builds without having to gear up to test them. I needed a way to compare the Spirit gains of different builds without that time consuming element.

And so I did some analysis. I found a post from the beta about the “real” damage the Monk Primary Skills do. I was able to use that and my own intuition to come up with a formula for Spirit gained per second with the Primary Skills. I can then find the Spirit gained per second with any build I read about online or write myself. Read the full details on the article page.


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