Tehrdas, Diablo 3 Monk #6

It’s the 4th of July, and Tehrdas is now level 60!

Other than that, nothing big happened in the last two acts of Hell difficulty. My Monk’s existing gear was enough to beat Hell Act 3 & 4 without much trouble; a recent patch nerfed a few of the tougher monsters. My Monk didn’t get any replacement gear, so his stats didn’t improve. I found no legendaries either.

Level 60 Monk

Strength: 327 (0%)
Dexterity: 1480 (+0%)
Intelligence: 539 (+0%)
Vitality: 1108 (+0%)

Armor: 1945 (+0%)
DPS: 4662.58 (+0%)

Unfortunately, none of the items I found this week could compare to the items I bought from the auction house. I don’t think I found any items with all three of Dexterity, Vitality, and Life per second/hit. Some items had more Dexterity than mine or more Vitality, but I need all three on one item.

Stat increases will be fairly slow from this point on. My current items are around level 54, so there is room for improvement moving up to level 60 items. Those items are really spendy though, and I won’t be able to buy them until I save a lot of gold. Or I might just get a lucky drop. The odds are probably one lucky drop per 10 bought (1 million+ gold) items though.

Skills & Runes (Indented)

That’s the last of the runes, and the end of the character leveling progression. From now on I have to mix and match them to find the good builds. I have a few ideas and will be posting my first Diablo 3 build soon.

Way of the Hundred Fists rune

  • Windforce Flurry – This adds a damage increase to the third hit. There is another rune, Fists of Fury, that adds a holy damage over time effect to all hits, but this rune adds all the extra damage to the third hit. To me that means Fists of Fury will be better for large groups of enemies while Windforce Flurry is better for single target.

Seven-Sided Strike rune

  • Fulminating Onslaught – This is a fun rune for this skill. Normally, Seven-Sided Strike is pretty weak for area damage. It is best used on one or two targets, but this rune makes it excellent against groups.

Mantra of Conviction rune

  • Submission -This adds a Sweeping Wind effect to the mantra. It doesn’t do nearly as much damage as Sweeping Wind does, but Submission is on passively as long as the mantra is active. Mantra of Conviction also has a longer radius than Sweeping Wind, so the actual damage can be higher than 12% damage by hitting more enemies at once.


I didn’t get any legendaries this time or any replacements for my gear, but I can go into the stats I’m looking for on gear.


These are the ideal stats on weapons for me. Since I want to go with dual-wield, it’s going to cost double to gear up my Monk. Rare items can have a max of 6 affixes, so it is extremely hard to find items with all of these, even searching on the auction house. The minimum stats then are Dexterity, Vitality, and Life per hit. That is much more reasonable to find from drops or the auction house.

  • Dexterity – The Monk primary attribute is of course required on all items. Right now, I want at least 150 on each item, but the maximum for item level 63 items goes up to around 300-350. There is a lot of room for incremental upgrades.
  • Vitality – Like I have written in previous updates, I want enough Vitality to take about 10 hits from champion monsters. That is the minimum for me to feel safe killing monsters. I like Dexterity and Vitality to be equal, so 150 Vitality per item here is also preferred.
  • Life per hit – This only appears on weapons and jewelry. For weapons I want a minimum of 200 per weapon. You can convert Life per hit into Life Regeneration per second by multiplying the value by your attack speed. With two 1.4 speed weapons, you are looking at 1.61 attacks per second, so Life per hit is actually 60% stronger than the stated value.
  • +X-Y (Elemental) Damage – This extra damage is added into the weapon’s DPS, and then, multiplied by the Dexterity damage bonus. This seems to be the biggest factor in a weapon’s DPS.
  • +X% Damage – I’m pretty sure this applies before the Damage bonus above, but it still adds a bunch of damage. The max is +50% but right now, +25% is good enough.
  • Attack speed – This is a pretty good DPS increase even after the nerfs Blizzard did to it. I think the max is +11% now, but that stacks with +X% damage.


These are the ideal stats for armor. Other than Dexterity, it is all defensive, and I really need it for Inferno. Resist All Elements is especially needed against all the magical attacks. My Monk is pretty much one-shotted against casters.

  • Dexterity – For the same reasons as above.
  • Vitality – Same as above.
  • Life Regeneration per second – Armor can only have Life Regeneration, so that’s what I go for here. About 100 Life per second would be good for a total of 800.
  • Resist All Elements – This is the best defensive affix in the game. You get resistance to physical attacks already with Armor from your items, but nothing for magical attacks.The only way to soak up that damage is with high Resist All gear. To start I would like 50 per item, for a max of around 400. That’s good enough to start Inferno.
  • +%Armor – This affix provides the biggest armor increase at a max of +300% armor (depends on armor type). This helps a lot with
  • +Armor – The armor bonuses can be pretty huge. This affix can go high enough to roughly double the base armor value on the item.


I mainly want jewelry to supplement the other item types. They seem to have the most variety of affixes, but the values can’t go as high as the other item types.

  • Dexterity, Vitality, Life per hit – Of course I want Dexterity and Vitality on every item, but Life per hit can really help and it stacks equally with the same stat on weapons.
  • Critical Chance – My ideal weapons and armor are using all 6 affixes, so there is no room for this affix. Having it on Jewelry would be nice. The max is around 5% per amulet/ring, but 15% is a good damage increase. This can also appear on Helms, Bracers, and Gloves. Maybe if I find good Critical Chance on those armor pieces, I would use a defensive stat on the amulet/ring to compensate.
  • Critical Damage – This affix is a good damage increase when you have Critical Chance on gear. Again, I don’t have any space for it on the other items, and I’m not sure Weapons and Armor can have Critical Damage. The damage increase is equal to Critical Chance * Critical Damage. For example, with 5% base Critical Chance, 15% Critical Chance from items, and +25% Critical Damage, we are looking at a damage increase of 5% from the Critical Damage stat.
  • Jewelry Affix 6 – I don’t know what I would use this extra affix for. Jewelry can have Resist All and Life Regeneration per second, so I might like one of those.

Note that these are the ideal stats. I am not likely to ever find perfect items. Even on the auction house you can’t find perfect items. The best items available are still far from perfect.


Patch 1.0.3 came out while I was finishing Hell difficulty, so I got a good feel for the game before and after. My writing is usually a week behind where I am at in the game. The big changes for me were the nerfs to many monsters. The two enemies I complained about in Act 4 were Morlu Incinerators and Izual.

The Morlu Incinerators were the casters that like to teleport a lot. Well, they still teleport a lot, but the champion version can’t have the Invulnerable Minions, Fire Chains, or Health Link affixes anymore. That helps a little bit since my Monk has a hard time just getting close to them for a few seconds while dodging all the meteors raining down.

Izual’s damage was nerfed quite a bit from before, but now he does a lot more freezing. Without the freezing the damage is easy enough to deal with, but the freezing can make that hard. With Serenity and Seven-Sided Strike though, my Monk had a fairly easy time.

As far as Act 3 & 4 go, they were pretty easy I would say. Act 3 was pretty much same as Act 2. The monsters did have a little more life. They took longer to go down, but I felt pretty safe all the time with my high Life Regen and Life per hit. Act 4 definitely got harder just like in Nightmare difficulty, but the healing affixes made things much easier. The patch changes helped with the two most annoying monsters, and I did okay against everything else.

The only bad thing that happened was my achievements got bugged. Shortly into Act 3 I got to level 60, but I never got the achievement. I also didn’t get any progress towards the 2 level 60 Monks or Act 3 bosses achievements. I found some people on the forums with the same issue. It seems to be a common problem, but Blizzard does not provide any support for it.

My achievements started working later on with Act 4. I was able to go back and kill the Act 3 bosses again, but the level 60 achievements will be really annoying to redo. It’s possible these will be fixed in a patch, but I doubt it. I don’t care much about the achievements right now though. Getting better gear is a higher priority. By the time I am ready to go achievement hunting, maybe Blizzard will have given me credit for those two achievements.

And that’s the end of my walkthrough/character updates for Diablo 3. From now on I will be creating builds for the game. I want to specialize a little bit with Monk builds since that is the class I am most familiar with. As I get other classes to level 60, I will start writing builds for them. They will go much faster than my Monk, as I skip the story stuff and get straight to leveling up. I might do a weekly post about new items I get, but that will only show up if I find good items in a particular week.


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