Testing out Torchlight 2!

I never got invited to the Diablo 3 beta, but I found a Torchlight 2 beta invite waiting for me when I got back from vacation! I stayed up late Sunday and then played more on Monday and Tuesday evening. Each day I have played a different class. I did a full playthrough of the beta content with the Outlander, Embermage, and Berserker. Tonight I will do the same with the Engineer. Beta will be ending Thursday 4pm, so I likely won’t get anymore playtime after tonight until the game is out.

I am loving the game so far. I looked at all the skill trees. Even though not all the skills are revealed in the beta, I can already see a number of possible builds. I really like what they did with the attributes. Every attribute is good for every class now in some way. Most builds will only focus on two attributes, but there are other builds that will use other attributes. So every attribute is useful for some build with every class. There are just so many more possibilities compared to Torchlight 1.

The beta has a level cap of 21 and 2-3 big outdoor areas to explore with lots of dungeons of varying sizes. Apparently, that is all of Act 1. It did go pretty fast, but it still took about 4 hours to explore everything and reach the level cap. For me that doesn’t matter much because the fun will be testing all kinds of different builds. The only thing I don’t like is that it didn’t seem like monsters respawned. I wonder how we will farm items without the ability to farm monsters. Maybe they will have an infinite dungeon or portal scrolls like Torchlight 1. Hopefully there is some way to farm monsters though.

I also want a respec feature. In the beta they have one for level 10 and lower, but I want an option for high level characters too. I just don’t see myself leveling a new character from scratch just to try different skills. I did that with Diablo 2, but I have much less free time now. The good thing is that Torchlight 2 supports mods, so someone will eventually make a respec mod. Hopefully it won’t be buggy either. I used a respec mod for Torchlight 1 but hoped it would be in the base game for Torchlight 2.

Now, I also got Diablo 3 installed and created my Monk, but I haven’t touched it very much. I knew the Torchlight 2 beta wasn’t going to last long, so I got straight into it instead of Diablo 3. I will have plenty of time to play Diablo 3 while waiting for Torchlight 2. I don’t have anything planned Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so I should make some good progress in Diablo 3. I plan to have the first character update out this coming Monday.


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