Runic Games Reveals Torchlight 2 Pets

Torchlight 2 is slowly progressing. We still don’t have a release date, but Runic Games have started doing news updates every Friday about the game. Last week’s update is about the new (and old) pets Torchlight 2 will have.

  • Ferret – Previously only available in certain Torchlight 1 copies (retail, Xbox Live), but now available to all users in Torchlight 2. Now with new and improved 3D model and textures.
  • Chakawary – Sort of like a dinosaur/bird hybrid, the body of a velociraptor with the head of a bird.
  • Cat – The cat returns from Torchlight 1 with new and improved 3D model and textures. In Torchlight 1 she looked almost like a lion. She keeps her large size in Torchlight 2, but now has the markings of a tabby cat.
  • Bulldog – A new pet that of course looks like a bulldog. I really like the 3D model. He looks like he has a lot of personality.
  • Hawk – A new flying pet. It appears to not fly really high, just mostly hovers and flies by your character’s side.
  • Panther – Similar to the Cat of course, but with a bigger frame. It looks like a big cat compared to the thin frame of the Cat. Solid blueish-black coat with jade eyes.
  • Wolf – This is basically the Dog from Torchlight 1 just bigger and stronger than before. Like all the other pets, he has a much better 3D model and textures than Torchlight 1.

The pets will have all of the same functions as Torchlight 1: have their own inventory, sell stuff for back to town, learn spells, transform when fed fish. They also have one new function: buying items in town for you. I don’t know how complicated this will be. I am guessing it will be mostly for generic items like potions and scrolls. If you run out, you can simply tell your pet to go back and buy some for you. Not bad.

I always liked the pets in Torchlight 1 but was disappointed there were so few. I wanted to have a different pet per character. Now there is a pretty good variety. I think I will make one character per pet, with more characters if I want to try out a different spec. There is some clamor on the forums for Runic to add a respec option, but I have a feeling Runic will be keeping Torchlight 2 the same in this area with no respecs available.



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