Back to Dragon Age: Origins

It has been a long break from RPGs, but it is time to get back into them. I had started Dragon Age: Origins sometime in October while finishing up my Mass Effect 1 & 2 builds but just lost interest in RPGs. I thought a couple months break would be enough, but now I see that 4-5 months was better.

My first Dragon Age: Origins character is a Warrior Tank. That is also what the first build will be. Dragon Age: Origins is quite different from Dragon Age 2. The attributes seem to be the same, but the spells/talents and skills are pretty much all different. After I finish this playthrough, I might end up doing a second playthrough to refine the build.

I don’t feel completely comfortable with the Dragon Age: Origins rules. I think I have chosen a few suboptimal talents for a Warrior Tank. The game does not have a way to reset talents, so hopefully I am able to correct the build by the time I get to the max level. I believe the max level is around 24 for the base game and 30 for the expansion.

This all hinges on Torchlight 2 and Diablo 3 release dates though. The Torchlight 2 beta is expected to be pretty soon. No dates have been giving but I am predicting the end of March at the earliest and by the end April for sure. Also of note is that it is now a friends and family beta, so most likely only the devs, Runic Games Fansite, and a few popular forum posters will be testers. I have also been hearing rumors about a Diablo 3 release date as early as April 17 but would not be surprised about a May release.

It looks like these two heavyweights may end up coming out in the same month. That’s no problem to me since I am getting them both on launch day. Torchlight is the reason I created this blog, and I have been waiting for Diablo 3 since 2004. They are absolutely the focus of this blog. If they come out early, Dragon Age: Origins will take a back seat for at least a few months. I want to have at least one build per class in Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2 before I go back to other RPGs.


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