Waiting for Diablo 3 release

I just wanted to post another update about my plans for Diablo 3. A lot of people are already making builds and planning their characters for the game. I have thought about doing this but decided not to just because I need to play with all the skills in the game first. I cannot make a good build if I do not know exactly how the skills play. I have not received a beta invite, but that is no big deal since the beta is so limited.

What I really want to do, though, for Diablo 3 is a walkthrough of my Monk. I am pretty sure Monk will be my “main” character. I want to get all the classes to level 60 eventually, but the first character to level 60 will be my Monk. I basically want to have all my thoughts about the leveling experience in one spot. It won’t be a guide or anything. It will be just like my Tharcyn walkthrough. Each day I write a little something about what I experienced.

I’m not planning to do this with all classes, though. It’s really time consuming to do a walkthrough and uses up a lot of my playing time. I am interested in maybe doing one for a hardcare character. It would be fun to have all my trials and tribulations written down. It would probably just be another Monk I focus on in one long series. The same character would be recreated many times (as he died) until I got to the level cap, if that ever happened. Getting to level 60 in hardcore would really test my Monk playing and make me a better Monk player even when playing softcore.


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