Diablo 3 delayed again

In the Activision-Blizzard conference call this week, Mike Morhaime announced that Diablo 3 is now planned for a Q2 release. With the first delay, it was pushed from a Holiday 2011 release to an Early 2012 release. This was later clarified to be Q1. Unfortunately, we will have to wait longer. Assuming the Q2 estimate holds, the game should be out in April – June 2012. He also mentioned that Blizzard is only planning two releases this year instead of three.

That brings into question which game is being delayed into 2013. I can’t see Diablo 3 being delayed that much, so either Mists of Pandaria or Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm will be delayed. Since World of Warcraft is Blizzard’s big cash cow, I’m thinking Heart of the Swarm will be delayed. That will be disappointing to Starcraft fans and myself as well. I wrote a FAQ/Walkthrough for Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty and plan do write another one for the expansion.



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