Runic Games unveils new Torchlight 2 website

Over the last month, Runic Games had been hinting they were doing something with the website. Well, this week they unveiled a redesign for the Torchlight 2 website. The new website is very visual with nice textures and artwork all over. The Character Classes and the World sections are the most interesting. They have also added some animations to the site when you mouse over various parts.

They still have not revealed any concrete information about the classes such as their skills or unique resource but hopefully in the future. The World section has a little information on the creatures, areas, and items in the game but still very limited. I am hoping they will release more information eventually. I always thought the Torchlight 1 website should have had all the stats for everything in the game like Blizzard did for Diablo 2.

I did notice one new tidbit of information in the About section: New Game Plus. They had said on the forums earlier that there was going to be some sort of New Game Plus mode but gave no details on what it would be. According to the new website, it will be a mode similar to Diablo 2’s difficulty levels. Once you beat the game the first time, you can play through again in New Game Plus mode. The enemies are much stronger, but the items are much more powerful.

Torchlight 1 had the ancestor system, but I never liked that system. You had to trade in a high level character for something like +10% stats on an item of your choosing and a few extra skill points from a boosted Fame level. The reward just wasn’t worth the penalty. I only did it once with a throwaway character I speed-leveled to the end of the game to test it out. I am glad they are doing this differently for Torchlight 2. It will see a lot more use from me and probably other players too.

Of course, this could just be temporary information. It’s possible things will change before release. If they do go back to the ancestor system, hopefully the reward is balanced with the penalty.


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