Torchlight 2 Officially Delayed

I’m a day late on this. The one day I neglect to check out Runic Games, they make a big announcement:

We’ve come to the realization, however, that getting a game of this scope up to the quality and polish level we want to achieve is going to take a little longer; especially since we want to run a small beta before release to ensure that our launch is smooth.

An Update from Travis Baldree

It looks like my prediction was correct. I had hoped back then that I would be wrong, but unfortunately, it looks like I was right. At least they are going to do a beta. They had said before they were not planning on a beta, so assuming there is no NDA we will hopefully get some more information about the game while waiting. I can’t see it being an open beta, so I’m betting on a closed beta with a small portion of the community invited. Hopefully, I can get an invite for Slash ‘n Blast to cover builds. I haven’t gotten lucky with the Diablo 3 beta. Maybe I will be lucky with the Torchlight 2 beta.

I read through the whole thing, and there doesn’t seem to be any new estimate of a release date. Their previous guess was “by the end of 2011”. Without giving a new launch window, I wonder if Torchlight 2 could end up coming out after Diablo 3. That would be a big shock to me. I think they will lose a bunch of sales going that route.

I personally know many DIablo 3 players that planned to get Torchlight 2 while waiting for Diablo 3. Some of them might get Torchlight 2 anyways, but I feel a lot of them will not. The only thing Torchlight 2 has going for it is the lower price and the more traditional skill trees. I mean the lore and story is probably good too, but most people won’t care about that when choosing which to buy.

Here’s to hoping it will come out sometime before Diablo 3.


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