GamintaFiles Launched!

I have created the general games blog, GamintaFiles. It’s going to be an awesome place for me to explore interesting aspects of the game industry. It will mostly be a combination of opinionated news about the industry, how the industry works internally, and my predictions for the future of the industry

There may be some overlap sometimes, but the blogs will mostly be separate. Similar to how I am doing things on this blog, I plan to make at least one post a week. For GamintaFiles that will be some general discussion about games, not builds like Slash ‘n Blast has. I only have a few posts so far, but hope to have a lot more over the years. I am adding a link to it in the sidebar. Look it over from time to time. You might find something interesting. =)

Don’t forget I’m still on break from making new builds until the end of November. I will be making a few more posts but no new builds until after that point.


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