The other blog

In my last post I wrote about a new blog I have plans for. Again, it won’t be replacing Slash ‘n Blast. I will be making posts for both of them. This new blog is going to be about the game industry in general. I frequently have my own ideas about current issues in the industry. I usually just write them out in forum posts on the sites I am part of. However, sometimes there are not any discussions about a particular issue I am thinking about, and many times people would complain about the length of my posts. “Put that on a blog!” they usually say. Well that’s what I am doing.

I have actually had this idea for over a year and even partially started a blog on Gamespot. I had plans to do a new post every week and make it somewhat formal that readers could count on each week. Being my first blog I was really inexperienced and didn’t realize it would take so long to research topics before writing about them. This time I am not going to make new posts on any sort of schedule. The other blog will just be something I do on the side. Slash ‘n Blast will still be my main blog.

The other blog has not been created yet. I am still coming up with a name. I am looking for a good theme. I don’t want both blogs to look the same. If the theme supports a banner, I will also need to create a new banner for that blog. The one thing I do have is lots of ideas. Ever since I started that discontinued Gamespot blog, I have been noting interesting topics down whenever they come to me or I see them on a forum. When the blog is ready to go, I will make an announcement post here. Some of the game industry stuff I talk about will definitely be related to RPGs and hack ‘n slash.


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