New Mass Effect 1 Build: Sentinel / Bastion

Since Bastion only improves biotic talents and skills, this build focuses on the biotic side of the class. Bastion would seem like many other specializations, but it actual is very different. It’s bonus to Stasis allows enemies to damaged even in Stasis. This is a huge boost. Not only will Stasis increase survivability, but you have several seconds to shoot an enemy them without retaliation. Sentinels overall are more of a support class, but with this Stasis bonus you can do okay against single targets.

Class: Sentinel

Specialization: Bastion

12 Throw (unlocks Lift)
12 Lift
12 Barrier (unlocks Barrier and Stasis talent)
12 Stasis (unlocks Stasis)
10 Decryption (unlocks Sabotage)
10 Electronics
0 First Aid (unlocks Medicine)
0 Medicine (unlocks Neural Shock)
12 Sentinel / Bastion
12 Spectre Training (unlocks Unity)
12 Charm or Intimidate

Bastion improves Barrier and Stasis. They are the primary skills for this build. Barrier is your main defense with weapon damage for your main damage. Throw and Lift are there to slow down enemies, keeping you safe for the duration and giving you time to shoot them.

Note that I don’t take the Assault Rifles bonus talent in this build. With the Sentinel and Spectre Training talents, you will be pretty respectable with Pistols at the end of the game despite not having access to a proper Pistol talent. Pistols are excellent medium-range weapons throughout the game. Assault Rifles do become better when accuracy and overheating are under control, but that is not until the end of the game. Also, I wanted to make this build a little different than the Adept / Bastion build.

Without that bonus talent, we have a lot more talent points to play with. I split the 20 remaining points between Decryption and Electronics. That’s high enough to unlock all containers in the game. Sabotage disabling enemy weapons is useful against almost all enemy types, so it’s good general survivability boost. Overload destroying enemy shields is also a nice support skill. It usually won’t help much against biotic barriers but works really well against any normal shield.

This build doesn’t have First Aid. This is a key talents for the squad overall, so make sure you get it on one of your squad mates. You really need to have some healing available especially against bosses. You might be able to survive yourself, but you need your squad member skills.

Remember that this is more of a support class/spec. Stasis+Pistol will work well for taking out a single target, but you will probably need to rely on some squad member skills to handle large groups of enemies.


You should have Barrier up as much as possible. This is critical because you only have light armor and low health. You won’t last long at all without it. Against melee enemies or Krogan (that like to charge), use Throw to keep them off your back. Throw can also be used for defense in general as it takes a little while for enemies to get back up.

Now we come to Stasis. It can only affects one target at a time, so pick targets wisely. The best target is usually going to be the strongest. This gives you freedom to kill off all their weak friends or just focus on the big baddie while they aren’t a threat. In close quarters you just have to target whichever enemy is available. Note that enemies in stasis don’t show a health bar, but you will damage them with your bullets.

Lift can be used a lot like Stasis as well. It will disable an enemy for a time, and you can still do damage to them. There are some downsides compared to Stasis though. Sometimes the target will become occluded by crates or other things in the environment, so your bullets can’t hit them. Lift is also only lasts about half as long as Stasis.

The two tech skills do a good job of filling out your support role. Use Sabotage on groups of enemies to disable their weapons and give you time to focus fire kill a few enemies before it wears off. Overload burning shields away can supplement your damage to speed up the killing process.

Along with Stasis or Lift you use your Pistol to take them out. Marksman is really good as always, especially against an enemy that can’t move out of the way. While focusing down an enemy, you can use your squad mate skills against other enemies to keep them out of your hair until your Stasis target is dead.

Warp instead of Electronics and Decryption – Warp reduces protections on enemies. It greatly increases the damage you can do with weapons by ignoring some of the armor enemies have. Pistols are your most reliable damage especially with Stasis. Warp will help your Pistols even more. However, you do lose 12 points in your tech talents. That means you can only have 8 Electronics or 8 Decryption, neither of them high enough to unlock all containers. You will need to bring a squad member that has these skills at least 9 points in each.
Assault Rifles instead of Electronics and Decryption – By the end of the game, Assault Rifles are better than Pistols for medium and close range fighting. Like the other variation, though, you have to sacrifice a lot in your tech talents. It’s up to you whether you want better personal damage or more support for your squad.


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