New Mass Effect 2 Build: Vanguard / Destroyer

As the name implies, Destroyers are there to do max damage without much regard for their survivability. Improved weapon damage and power damage round out the best part of this specialization. You charge in and destroy an enemy before they have any chance to deal damage. Rinse and repeat until all the enemies are dead. Charge has such a short cooldown you can really use it on all enemies.

Class: Vanguard

Specialization: Destroyer

There are two possible squad point distributions in which no squad points are left over. The first build specializes in 5 maxed powers. The second build has points in all 7 powers but only has 3 maxed powers. It is your choice which one to go with.

Specialized Well-rounded
  • 4 Inferno Ammo
  • 4 Improved Cryo Ammo
  • 4 Heavy Charge
  • 0 Shockwave
  • 0 Pull
  • 4 Assault Mastery/Destroyer
  • 4 Heavy Inferno Grenade
  • 4 Inferno Ammo
  • 3 Cryo Ammo
  • 4 Heavy Charge
  • 3 Shockwave
  • 2 Pull
  • 4 Assault Mastery/Destroyer
  • 3 Inferno Grenade
We get all the best combat powers here, but the lack of Shockwave means we aren’t taking full advantage of the increased power damage.Pull is also missing, so we can’t do the Pull->Charge combo.

Inferno Grenade does pretty good damage by itself, increased further by the power damage bonus.

We lose the fourth rank of Cryo Ammo and Inferno Grenade.However, we can now take advantage of the increased power damage with a 3 rank Shockwave.

We also gain Pull that works with Charge nicely.

For this build you have a basic rotation consisting of Charge->Kill, Charge->Kill, etc. Charge works with your other powers to allow you to kill targets in a few different ways: weapons, Pull, and Inferno Grenade.

For weapons, you should use the appropriate ammo power for the enemy. For the most part this means you will have Inferno Ammo on your weapon. Against organic enemies, Cryo Ammo is going to be better. With the freeze duration, it’s best to spread the fire out on all nearby enemies. You can even Charge frozen enemies for instant kills.

Charge can actually function like Throw when used after Pull. A Pulled enemy that is charged will be thrown very far. So for the well-rounded power set, you have this extra combo of Pull->Charge. Remember that Pull only works when protections (shields, armor, barriers) are gone.

Inferno Grenade can also work well with Charge. You can start with Inferno Grenade on a group of enemies. Immediately Charge them to take advantage of the short time they are trying to put out the fires. The grenade will do good damage and give you some breathing room.

With these powers you can really only deal with Armor. Shields and Barriers can be a problem. Make sure to bring a squad mates that have ways to get rid of those other protections. You probably don’t need both at all times. It will depend on the mission. For instance, missions fighting a lot of synthetics you will want a squad mate that has Overlord or Squad Disruptor Ammo, but for a mission fighting biotic users you’ll want a squad mate with Warp, Reave, or Squad Warp Ammo.

Reave instead of Inferno Grenade – For the purposes of stripping Barriers, Reave is pretty much the same as Warp. It will also benefit from your increased power damage. Inferno Grenade is going to be better at dealing with groups, but Reave will probably be better against single targets.
Flashbang Grenade instead of Inferno Grenade – Inferno Grenade combines pretty good damage with a burn effect on organics that disorients them. Flashbang Grenade lowers the damage, but increases the disorient. It won’t help with armored targets like the fire damage Inferno Grenade does, though.
Warp Ammo instead of Inferno Grenade – If you want to stick to using weapons more and less powers, you can just take the well-rounded Warp Ammo. You will be able to deal with Armor and Barriers yourself with just Shields for squad mates to handle. Shields are more common than Barriers, but Barriers tend to be more annoying to deal with since most biotic users can refresh their Barriers.


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