New Mass Effect 2 Build: Sentinel / Guardian

Since Guardian improves survivability, this build is focused more on the defensive side of things. Tech Armor gives you a good explosion and stun to close range enemies. Other powers with wider area versions go along with this very well, so this build is the best at dealing with large groups of clustered enemies. Disabling and damaging area powers are the highlight of this character. The biotic powers tend to be better for area attacks, but some tech powers can also be good.

Note: Sentinel / Guardian has a lot of freedom in which direction to go. Focusing on area powers is just one of many options.

Class: Sentinel

Specialization: Guardian

There are two possible squad point distributions in which no squad points are left over. The first build specializes in 5 maxed powers. The second build has points in all 7 powers but only has 3 maxed powers. It is your choice which one to go with.

Specialized Well-rounded
  • 4 Throw Field
  • 0 Warp
  • 4 Assault Armor
  • 4 Area Overload
  • 4 Full Cryo Blast
  • 4 Defender/Guardian
  • 4 Throw Field
  • 3 Warp
  • 4 Assault Armor
  • 3 Overload
  • 2 Cryo Blast
  • 4 Defender/Guardian
  • 3 Dominate
Throw Field, Area Overload, and Full Cryo Blast are excellent area powers.Complement this with the Defender/Guardian and Assault Armor class powers for excellent survivability.

This power set doesn’t call for a bonus power.

The well-rounded build loses the area version of Cryo Blast. You can’t freeze and fling mass groups of enemies.You do get a pretty good Warp for good supplemental damage and the ability to strip all three types of protection.

You also get the Dominate bonus power, an additional disabling power for increased survivability.

The game has a basic biotic power combo. If you first Pull an enemy into the area and then Throw them, they will fly much further than if you just used Throw by itself. The idea is that Pull lowers the weight of the enemies in the air. Throw’s force on their bodies is magnified sending them flying across the screen. Since Sentinel’s don’t have Pull, I recommend you bring a squad mate that has Pull. Make sure the squad member goes the Pull Field route for maximum effectiveness with Throw Field.

Note that Pull and Throw don’t work on protected enemies (shields, armor, barrier), so you can’t rely on this combo all the time. You can take care of shields yourself with your Overload and Warp. The Specialized power set doesn’t have Warp, so get another squad member with Warp.

Another nice combo is with Throw Field and Full Cryo Blast. Only the Specialized power set can perform this combo. Once the enemies are frozen, you can use Pull Field to instantly kill a large group. This works amazingly well against Husks and other melee enemies, but remember that on high difficulty settings many of those enemies will have some armor that prevents Cryo Blast from working.

These two combos are really your goal, but neither of them work with protected enemies. The Well-rounded power set is better at stripping those protections away, but lacks the Throw Field -> Full Cryo Blast combo of the Specialized power set. Both limitations can be avoided by getting squad members with the appropriate powers you need (Warp for Specialized, Cryo Blast for Well-rounded).

Neural Shock instead of Dominate
– This only applies to the Well-rounded power set. Neural Shock is another option for disabling enemies. Instead of turning enemies to your side, it simply stuns them for the duration. Dominated enemies tend to wander around and turn against you at the worst time, but Neural Shock is always reliable. The enemy stays in the same spot and you can choose to finish them off during the effect without having to push through the shield Dominate gives them.
Reave instead of Cryo Blast – This only applies to the Specialized power set. Reave is one bonus power that can work with this power set. Against armor and barriers it functions almost the same as Warp. Warp has a special detonate effect when combined with other biotic powers, but this build doesn’t use that part of Warp. It’s only used to strip off armor and barriers.
Warp instead of Cryo Blast – For the Specialized power set you can alternatively just stick with the Warp power you already have access to and not use a bonus power. This power set will function very similar to the Well-rounded power set, just missing the Cryo Blast and Dominate powers.


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