New Mass Effect 1 Build: Adept / Bastion

Most specializations simply modify a few skills in minor ways such as reduced cooldowns, increased durations, or increased damage. However, the Bastion specialization actually changes the foundation of how Stasis works and opens up a completely different way of playing. By allowing Stasis’ed enemies to be hit with weapons fire, you basically gain total control over that enemy. They balance this by not allowed Stasis to work on bosses, but for all other enemies it completely changes the way you face them.

Class: Adept

Specialization: Bastion

8 Basic Armor (unlocks Shield Boost)
0 Pistols (unlocks Marksman)
12 Throw (unlocks Throw)
0 Lift
12 Warp (unlocks Warp)
0 Singularity
12 Barrier (unlocks Barrier and Stasis talent)
12 Stasis (unlocks Stasis)
12 Adept / Bastion
12 Spectre Training
12 Charm or Intimidate
12 Assault Rifles (unlocks Overkill) Bonus Talent

Bastion improves Barrier and Stasis. They are the primary skills for this build. Barrier and Basic Armor are your main defense with weapon damage for your main damage. Throw also helps to keep enemies off you, especially Krogan that like to charge.

I chose the Assault Rifles bonus talent here. At the beginning of the game Pistols are a little better than Assault Rifles, but by the end Assault Rifles are able to overcome their bad accuracy and overheating problems. This works really well with the Warp talent as well.

Spectre Training is also a good one since it improves both biotic talents and weapon talents, and this build uses both.

Shield Boost

You should have Barrier up as much as possible. This is critical because you only have light armor and low health. You won’t last long at all without it. Shield Boost should be used along with it to keep your Barrier up. Barrier is really just a bunch of shields added on to your total. Against melee enemies or Krogan (that like to charge), use Throw to keep them off your back. Throw can also be used for defense in general as it takes a little while for enemies to get back up.

Now we come to Stasis. It can only affects one target at a time, but with the Adept / Bastion talent you can keep it up almost indefinitely on the target. Pick targets wisely though. The best target is usually going to be the strongest. This gives you freedom to kill off all their weak friends. In close quarters you just have to target whichever enemy is available. Note that enemies in stasis don’t show a health bar, but you will still damage them with your bullets. Damage over time effects like Warp also continue to take effect.

Along with Stasis you use your Assault Rifle to take them out. Overkill is really good as always, but try to use Warp beforehand. Warp lowers the protections enemies have, so your damage won’t be resisted much. All armor provides damage protection that Warp will help reduce. Even some purely organic enemies like rachni have some innate damage protection, so Warp is always a good idea before you use Overkill.

Pistols, Shotguns, or Sniper Rifles instead of Assault Rifles – You can stick with the default Pistols if you like (and forgo the bonus talent) or go with one of the other weapon types. Shotguns are best at short range; Sniper Rifles are best for long range.
Lift instead of Warp – If you want to be more focused on manipulating your enemy rather than disabling them and doing weapon damage, go with Lift instead. It has a short duration, but this works well with the Bastion’s reduced biotic skill cooldowns.


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