Diablo 3 Closed Beta launched!

Blizzard has announced today that the Diablo 3 Closed Beta has officially launched. The beta actually started a couple weeks ago but was only available to friends and family of Blizzard employees. Now, the first public invites to the closed beta have been sent out. Unfortunately, I did not get an invite, but that’s okay. I still have a lot of builds to get finished in the Build Queue before I get to Diablo 3.

If I get into the beta, I will continue the Build Queue as is, but I will also probably start a new walkthrough series about Diablo 3. That is, I would continue posting a new build on Mondays for the Build Queue, but also post some topic about Diablo 3 on Wednesday or Friday. I know there are already a ton of videos and streams online now with all kinds of footage and discussion, but my walkthroughs in text would cover things in a lot more detail. I would probably focus on the random items like what sorts of item modifiers there are and how they affect the character. I have purposely not watched any of the videos to avoid spoilers, so all my thoughts would be completely unpolluted by other players’ views.


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