New Mass Effect 2 Build: Adept / Bastion

With the Bastion specialization your Singularity and Pull get longer durations. The benefit is having more control over your enemies. They will be out of action for a longer period, giving you more time to use damaging powers and weapons without retaliation. Singularity is the bread and butter power for pretty much all battles. Adepts are the only ones that get this power, so improving it further with Bastion makes your character even more unique from the other classes.

Class: Adept

Specialization: Bastion

There are two possible squad point distributions in which no squad points are left over. The first build specializes in 5 maxed powers. The second build has points in all 7 powers but only has 3 maxed powers. It is your choice which one to go with.

Specialized Well-rounded
  • 1 Warp
  • 4 Throw Field
  • 4 Wide Singularity
  • 4 Heavy Pull
  • 0 Shockwave
  • 4 Biotic Mastery/Bastion
  • 4 Enhanced Stasis
  • 2 Warp
  • 3 Throw
  • 4 Heavy Singularity
  • 4 Heavy Pull
  • 3 Shockwave
  • 4 Biotic Mastery/Bastion
  • 3 Stasis
This build sacrifices some damaging powers for maxed controlling powers.Singularity, Pull, and Stasis all benefit from the Bastion specialization.Throw combines very well with controlling powers by flinging them over ledges for instant kills.

The only real loss is not having a powerful Warp. You have to rely on squad mates to remove enemy protections.

This option gives you access to more powers, but Throw and Stasis lose a point each. The benefit is a more well-rounded character.You are almost as good at controlling enemies, but still have some good damage powers like an improved Warp and Shockwave.You still need to rely on squad mates to help with protections though.

This build utilizes a basic biotic power combo. First, you use Pull on enemies to push them into the air. Then, you use Throw on them to send them flying through the air. When enemies are pushed into the air from biotics, they are effectively weightless. When subjected to the same amount of force, a weightless object moves faster and longer than a heavy object.

This principle is used in the game with Throw, whereby it’s force is increased so high that enemies are thrown much further than if they were just standing there on the ground. This basic combo can knock enemies over ledges for instant kills. It won’t work with protected enemies, but you want to be using as much as possible in other cases.

Singularity is basically a trap to control an area of the map. It’s best in choke points where enemies have to come through. Unprotected enemies are suspended in air and cannot do anything for a long duration. Protected enemies are staggered every so often, so even they have a hard time attacking through it. Singularity also drains protections over time. Soon enough enemies will lose their protections. Shockwave, if available, can also be used in choke points. These should preferably be used in different choke points for maximum control.

Stasis should be used on the most powerful enemy and kept on them until all their minions are dead. It goes through any protections they have, so it’s a guaranteed way to put a boss out of a fight until you are ready. It does have diminishing returns if chain-casted on the same target over and over, but it is still effective for a long enough time to finish off other enemies.

One thing to note here is the lack of a high rank Warp. With the exception of Singularity and Stasis, all biotic powers are blocked by protections (Shields, Armor, Barrier). With a lower Warp you will want to bring squad members that have some damaging powers such as Overload (Shields), Incinerate (Armor), or a higher rank Warp (Barrier). Squad Warp Ammo from a squad member is also a good one to have to improve all your weapon damage against enemies afflicted by biotics.

If you would rather do the damage yourself instead of relying on your squad, use any of the variations below to get more damage powers.

Warp instead of Throw
– If you want some more damage out of your biotics, you can favor Warp over Throw. Instead of flinging enemies over ledges, you instead detonate them for heavy damage. You have less control over the enemies, but do a lot more damage. You can rely less on squad mates and more on spamming Warp.
Dominate instead of Stasis – Dominate is another controlling bonus power you can take. Stasis offers better control, but Dominate confuses enemies and can even increase your damage. A Dominated enemy gains a Barrier, which you can detonate with Warp to do area damage to all enemies in close proximity to the Dominated enemy. So you have this moving bomb that you can choose to blow up at any moment. This works even better if your favoring Warp over Throw.
Reave instead of Stasis and Warp – Reave is a pretty good replacement for Warp. It does slightly more damage than Warp with about 440 damage versus 400 against Barriers and Armor. The downside is you lose the detonate effect of Warp, good area damage. Since the damage is over time, it also stacks with the Bastion duration bonus for increased damage. So you have the choice of better single target damage or better area damage.


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