New Mass Effect 2 Build: Infiltrator / Assassin

The Assassin specialization features increased weapon and power damage as well as a better time slow down when aiming Sniper Rifles. With the theme all about damage, it’s best to take advantage of that by using the powers that increase weapon damage or do direct damage to enemies. Powers with 4 ranks in them should also be evolved into the option that increases damage the most.

Class: Infiltrator

Specialization: Assassin

There are two possible squad point distributions in which no squad points are left over. The first build specializes in 5 maxed powers. The second build has points in all 7 powers but only has 3 maxed powers. It is your choice which one to go with.

Specialized Well-rounded
  • 4 Heavy Disruptor Ammo
  • 1 Cryo Ammo
  • 4 Assassination Cloak
  • 4 Heavy Incinerate
  • 0 AI Hacking
  • 4 Operative / Assassin
  • 4 Heavy Warp Ammo
  • 2 Disruptor Ammo
  • 4 Squad Cryo Ammo
  • 4 Assassination Cloak
  • 3 Incinerate
  • 3 AI Hacking
  • 4 Operative / Assassin
  • 3 Warp Ammo
This build gives you the ability to deal with Shields, Armor, and biotic Barriers. You can effectively fight any enemy you face.The only things you lose here are AI Hacking and Cryo Ammo. AI Hacking doesn’t receive any bonuses from the Assassin specialization.Cryo Ammo does increase weapon damage but only against enemies without protection. The only enemies that don’t have protection are melee enemies such as Husks and Varren, so it’s not a big loss. Overall, this build just changes your preferred ammo power from Disruptor to Cryo and adds a little more AI Hacking to deal with synthetics.You won’t be quite as effective against Shielded enemies with only 2 ranks in Disruptor Ammo or biotic Barrier enemies with 3 ranks in Warp Ammo, but ammo powers tend to be effective even when you only have a few ranks in them.

Headshots, headshots, headshots. This is what Infiltrators are for, and so, Assassination Cloak is your best power. When your enemies can’t see you, they can’t fire at you. That means you have a long time to aim your shot. You also have the time slow down when aiming your Sniper Rifle from the Operative / Assassin power. This is really the core of the class. You use Assassination Cloak to put yourself in the best position and to give yourself the time to get that perfect shot. All the other powers are there to supplement your headshots.

You should have one of the Ammo powers active at all times: Disruptor Ammo for Shields, Warp Ammo for biotic Barriers, and Cryo Ammo for unprotected enemies. While you can switch between them in combat, it’s usually better to stick with one unless you are fighting a boss with multiple strong protections. That only leaves Armor to deal with, and Incinerate does nicely. The Sniper Rifle already does bonus damage to Armored enemies, so you would be fine even without Incinerate.

This just leaves AI Hacking. It’s not as important for this build and is only useful on a few missions, but very nice on those missions. Your Disruptor Ammo will be good enough to deal with synthetics, but AI Hacking will make things a little easier. But again it is fully option and why I didn’t include it in the Specialized build option above.

Reave instead of Warp Ammo
– Warp Ammo leverages your focus on headshots, but you can also choose Reave for your bonus power instead for direct damage. Reave against biotic Barriers will function just like Incinerate but against Barriers instead of Armor.
Armor Piercing Ammo instead of Warp Ammo – This is an option if you would like to skip Incinerate. Skipping Incinerate will also close off AI Hacking, because Incinerate is a prerequisite for it. Therefore, this would work best with the Specialized build. You lose the ability to deal with Barriers effectively, but not a whole lot of enemies have Barriers. Barriers tend to be shorter to break through compared to Armor as well.
Flashbang Grenade (requires Kasumi DLC) instead of Warp Ammo – Flashbang Grenade stuns enemies in a pretty big radius. This gives you more time to line up the shot. In that way it synergizes well with your Assassination Cloak and Operative / Assassin powers. You also lose the ability to deal with Barriers effectively here, but it’s not so bad for the above reasons.


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