New Mass Effect 2 Reference

I added two pages to the Mass Effect 2 Reference. I originally had the Resource Rich Planets Table on the main Mass Effect 2 reference page but decided it was long enough to go on it’s own page. With this table you can see which planets to visit to get the resources you want. By only going to resource rich planets, you save both fuel and probe costs, giving you more credits to buy upgrades.

Credits Pickup by Mission is a new page with listings of all the credits pickups found within every mission. This is the Credits Found stat that you see at the end of every mission. Even after multiple playthroughs, it seemed like most missions I ended up missing one or two credits pickups. I could restart the mission but this happened on most missions, so I was looking at restarting most missions at least once. Way too tedious, so I made a cheat sheet for myself and anyone that checks out the blog.


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