New Mass Effect 2 Build: Engineer / Demolisher

The Engineer powers can really be split down the line into powers that strip defenses and powers that disable enemies. All of the powers that strip defenses can all do direct damage in some form. Since Demolishers get extra power damage, powers that strip defenses are the ones to focus on for this specialization.

Class: Engineer

Specialization: Demolisher

There are two possible squad point distributions in which no squad points are left over. The first build specializes in 5 maxed powers. The second build has points in all 7 powers but only has 3 maxed powers. It is your choice which one to go with.

Specialized Well-rounded
  • 4 Heavy Overload
  • 4 Heavy Incinerate
  • 4 Attack Drone
  • 1 Cryo Blast
  • 0 AI Hacking
  • 4 Tech Mastery/Demolisher
  • 4 Heavy Warp Ammo
  • 4 Heavy Overload
  • 4 Heavy Incinerate
  • 3 Combat Drone
  • 3 Cryo Blast
  • 3 AI Hacking
  • 4 Tech Mastery/Demolisher
  • 2 Warp Ammo
This extremely tight build forgoes two of the disabling powers in exchange for a maxed Combat Drone and Warp Ammo.Use Overload against shields, Incinerate against armor and health, and Attack Drone against biotic barriers.Your Warp Ammo will also help greatly with barriers.

So your Engineer is able to strip any defense very effectively with this build, but you don’t have much capability to disable enemies.

This is a nice well-rounded build, but you do lose some defense stripping ability. A Combat Drone of 3 ranks can’t do any damage whatsoever. It can only stun enemies for a short time.Also, the much lower Warp of 2 ranks makes your weapon damage go down from +50% weapon damage to +25% weapon damage, a loss of 25% weapon damage against biotics barriers, armor, and health.In exchange for this you do get Cryo Blast and AI Hacking at pretty respectable 3 ranks each, so you get 2 good enemy disabling powers even though they are not boosted by your Demolisher power.

The basic idea with this build is to slowly whittle away enemy defenses with your powers until their health is exposed. For shields, armor, and health you just use Overload and Incinerate with every cooldown. When an enemy loses its protection, they recoil briefly. Use that short time to put some bullets into them for supplemental damage.

Now for biotic barriers you only have Warp Ammo and possibly Attack Drone. Neither of those do that much damage overall, but Overload and Incinerate can still do damage to biotic barriers. They just don’t get the double damage bonus. The best power against biotic barriers is Warp, so consider bringing a squad member that has it. Biotic squad members in general will be the best for an Engineer.

Once the enemy’s health is exposed, you can be a bit more aggressive. Weapon damage will be goood enough to finish them off. Take care to use the right weapon though. SMGs will do better damage per second than pistols, but their accuracy is too low for long distance. Pistols don’t have a lot of ammo, so use them only when needed.

Combat Drone (or Attack Drone) should be used mainly for distraction. It’s particularly effective when there are a lot of enemies around. Most of the enemies will switch to attacking the drone. While it won’t last very long, it gives you almost guaranteed freedom from enemy fire for a short time. Use this time to attack freely with your weapons.

If you have Cryo Blast and AI Hacking available, you have a few more options. You’ll have to make the decision between Cryo Blast and Incinerate when enemies’ health is exposed. Incinerate is more direct damage, but Cryo Blast freezes them solid. Use Cryo Blast when you don’t want to deal with an enemy yet. For instance, you have two enemies with health exposed; Cryo Blast one, and use weapons fire on the other.

AI Hacking can be used as much as possible against synthetics. At 3 ranks, you can hack most synthetics that you will face in the game. Try to hack the most powerful ones. They will survive longer and do more damage. Enemy synthetics will generally target the hacked synthetic over your squad. Since this functions like a Combat Drone, you can skip using the Combat Drone power when you are using AI Hacking.

Explosive Drone instead of Attack Drone – One of the above builds has 4 ranks in Combat Drone. Attack Drone only does 46 damage (with Demolisher bonus), but it’s effective against biotics, armor, and health. Explosive Damage does more damage at 115 (with bonus again), but that damage is only effective against health. I like to focus on stripping defenses more, but you are free to go the Explosive route instead for overall more damage if you prefer.
Reave instead of Warp Ammo – If you don’t want to use your weapons much, you can take Reave instead which does double damage to biotic barriers. Two ranks does 140×2 damage while 4 ranks does 220×2 damage. It’s slightly more damage than Warp, but Warp can also be used in combos with a big knockback effect.


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