Permalink Maintenance

A few months ago I realized that there could potentially be 3 Bard pages, one for Baldur’s Gate, one for Neverwinter Nights 1, and another one for Neverwinter Nights 2. The problem was my current naming for the pages was simply the class name. You couldn’t tell very easy which game I was talking about unless you read quite a bit into the build. I decided to change the page names and permalinks to have sort of a breadcrumb look. This is because my theme doesn’t have a breadcrumbs module, but for what my blog is about I really need it. Well I tried this out for a good month or so now, but I’m not satisfied with it and am changing it again.

Page Names

Here I am going back to the old naming I did just calling it Defensive. The first line of text on the page I will make a real breadcrumb with links to the Builds, Baldur’s Gate, and Bard pages.

  • Before: Builds – Baldur’s Gate – Bard – Defensive
  • After: Defensive


Here I am simplifying them just like the page names. You can see how before there was huge duplication of words because of the way I was naming pages.

To go with this I will be adding a line to all of these pages with my own manual breadcrumb such as: Builds > Baldur’s Gate > Bard > Defensive. Each word will be a link to the appropriate page except the current page, which will just be bold text.

These changes make navigation a lot simpler. I plan this to be the last major change to the structure of the website. The only other big change would be if I switched to a theme that included breadcrumbs. Then I would just simply remove my own breadcrumb from each page.

I know this could break any bookmarks people may have but it needs to be done. This is going to take some time as well, so I am declaring the website under maintenance for about a week. The site will still be live, but a lot of link navigation will probably be broken.


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