New Diablo 2 Builds

I have posted a bunch of new builds for Diablo 2 today. With myself being busy with a lot of RPGs and Diablo 3 coming out soon, I don’t think I will get a chance to play Diablo 2 before the next one is out. Once Diablo 3 is out, I don’t see myself playing much Diablo 2, but I still wanted to have some builds for Diablo 2.

So last week I searched around the Internet to find a unique build for each class. I found quite a few lists of various builds, but most of the links were broken after so many years. I continued the search, though, and successfully found an interesting build for each class. My goal was to find builds that the average player probably hasn’t tried.

While I haven’t used any of these builds exactly, I definitely created my own builds in the past with basically the same idea as these builds had. Check out all seven builds on the Diablo Series Builds page.


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