New Games

The Steam sale has been good to me this week. In the last post I said I had bought Neverwinter Nights 2 and Mass Effect 1. Mass Effect 1 I happened to find in stores for only $10. Neverwinter Nights 2 I found on Steam for $13. While it could go down to $10 later this week during the sale, it was close enough to my desired price.

Since that last post, Steam had both a Dragon Age and Mass Effect sale. I bought Dragon Age Origins and Mass Effect 2. Origins ended up being only $10. My goal was $15 so that makes up for the $13 I paid for NWN2. Mass Effect 2 was also only $6. So all in all a very good savings this week for most of the games I wanted. The only game I chose not to get was Dragon Age 2, which at it’s lowest was still around $35. That’s way too high considering the complaints I’ve heard with the game.

In other news, I updated the blog to the new 2011 theme. Overall, it feels a little cleaner than the old one, but there’s some changes I have to make before it looks perfect. First, the headings I’m using look too small in this theme. I’m going to have to go through all the pages and change each one manually. The other thing is the header image is a lot taller in this theme, but I’ve been wanting to make a new header for a while. I want to get both of these done before I work on any more content.


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