Scout (7) / Jedi Sentinel (13)

The Scout doesn’t normally use Persuade or Charisma, but I wanted my character to have that option available. I chose to go the melee route with this character rather than relying on force powers for damage.

Vitality: 180 +60 = 240
Force Points: 118 +104 = 222

Strength – 12 +1 = 13
Dexterity – 15 +1 = 16
Constitution – 12 +1 = 13
Intelligence – 14 +0 = 14
Wisdom – 12 +0 = 12
Charisma – 12 +2 = 14

At the start, I took 1 attribute point away from Dexterity. That gave me 2 points to spend in Charisma to increase it to 12. My first 2 attribute points at level 4 and level 8 also went into Charisma for a final score of 14 Charisma. The remaining 3 attribute points I put into Strength, Dexterity and Constitution. Combined with item bonuses and the lightside mastery bonus, those points added +1 to the 3 modifiers of those attributes.

15 Computer Use
16 Demolutions
16 Awareness
10 Persuade
16 Repair
16 Treat Injury
Total Skill Points: 89

Now, Scout has a penalty when putting skill points in Persuade, but Jedi Sentinel does not. That means, I just waited until my character became a Jedi before spending points in Persuade. Even so, I chose not to go all out with Persuade only putting it at 10. Then, I just evenly spent points in the other class skills as much as possible.

Two-Weapon Fighting -> Improved Two-Weapon Fighting -> Master Two-Weapon Fighting
Flurry -> Improved Flurry -> Master Flurry
Implant Level 3 (level 1 & 2 for free as Scout)
Weapon Focus: Lightsaber
Toughness -> Improved Toughness
Total Feats: 11

I made sure to have the Two-Weapon Fighting and Flurry line. You should also take the last Implant feat, since you got the first 2 for free as a Scout. Weapon Focus: Lightsaber helps to offset the dual weapon attack penalties. I wouldn’t normally take Toughness and Empathy for this build, but there were a couple levels where I had feats but not the level requirement to get the feats I wanted. Empathy boosts Persuade and Toughness helps melee survivability.

Force Powers:
Cure -> Heal
Burst of Speed -> Knight Speed -> Master Speed
Force Valor -> Knight Valor -> Master Valor
Force Resistance -> Force Immunity
Energy Resistance
Affect Mind -> Dominate Mind
Throw Lightsaber
Total Force Powers: 14

For force powers, I complemented the melee side of my character with buffing powers like Master Valor and Master Speed. I also picked up Affect Mind and Dominate Mind to complement the Persuasion side of my character. It turned out that Force Persuade usually gave dark side points in dialog. If I played this character again darkside, I might take other force powers. I also got Throw Lightsaber to make the final battle easier.


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