Comparing Power Attack, Critical Strike, and Flurry

I have been playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic again. I’m still working on finishing my first build. Well, I created builds long ago when I first got the game, but I never wrote them down. Now I am basically starting from scratch.

I quickly noticed a lot of problems with the build I just threw together quickly to get started playing fast. One of the things I came across was the question of which combat feat is the best to take. Ideally, each one would be about equal, with their own strengths and weaknesses that equate to roughly the same damage. However, I wanted to be sure of this before I made another build.

As I studied the problem, I searched on the web for answers. I found varying answers about which was best. On top of that, most of the old threads didn’t even seem to open up as Bioware is slowly getting rid of the old forum archives to replace them with new ones (which, by the way, are missing a lot of the great sticky threads from the old forums).

I decided I would do what I could with the information on the web and my own math skills to find the answer. I found out that each combat feat actually does different damage, with one in particular being a little weak compared to the others. For the full answer to this question check out KotOR: Power Attack vs Critical Strike vs Flurry.


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