Mina the Vanquisher Sniper #4

At level 34, Mina’s story comes to close. The Black Palace was pretty tough to get through. Mina died at least once on most floors. However, I knew the end was in sight, and the final boss was killed. The Shadow Vault features random monster combinations, making it unlikely to face Dragonkin and Dark Zealots unless I am unlucky.

Character Sheet


10 Ricochet
10 Ranged Weapon Expertise
10 Armor Expertise
10 Frost Pilum
10 Explosive Shot
5 Critical Strikes


Black Fist Vambrace

This is kind of a low quality set item, but I like to collect them all. It looks like a Vanquisher item, but focuses on Ice Damage.


Magnus' Complex Surcoat

This is part of a large Alchemist set. It looks excellent for a summoner with pet bonuses and faster cast speed.


Epic Homunculist Mantle

I went against my own rule and decided to use this on Mina. It's way better than Mina's old shoulders except for the damage boosts the other ones had. I will be looking for a replacement though.



This seems like an excellent shield for magic resists, especially with it's requirements. I think I might use this on a future melee Vanquisher.


Speedy Mounted Bow

This is Mina's new bow. Pretty good damage bonuses all around plus I added two of my best damage gems into it.


Epic Tialoc's Leverage

This is one of the first Epic items I have gotten with Mina. I may have already found this on another character, but the stats are so good I couldn't pass it up. Since it's one handed, it could be dual-wielded with a second one.



Unlike the other areas in the story dungeon, the Black Palace has two bosses. There’s the final boss but also a sub-boss. Surprisingly, neither boss was very difficult compared to the deadly combination of Dragonkin and Dark Zealots. The final boss went down way faster than with Tharcyn. I couldn’t believe how much faster it was, at least twice as fast. Tharcyn seemed to take a half hour of slow pounding before the boss went down, but Mina did it in no time and only two or three deaths. So I’m pretty satisfied with Mina’s build.

Mina got ample experience dealing with Dragonkin and Dark Zealots. For Mina, it seems like Dragonkin will not be a problem. They don’t have very much health, and Mina can easily stay out of range of their deadly fire breath attack. Dark Zealots on the other hand are still just as hard as with Tharcyn. I can usually dodge their homing poison bolts but not always. Getting hit usually means instant death for Mina with her low magic resistance and low health. Tharcyn with his tank build could usually survive it if I was quick to use potions, but Mina doesn’t have a chance if she gets hit. Still, Mina kills things a lot faster so I still think it evens out in the end.

Mina is still getting a pretty good number of good items. I even found a replacement for Mina’s gun. Just like Tharcyn, as Mina gets to higher levels, she will rely more and more on heavily enchanted magic weapons over unique weapons. Getting the right uniques is pure luck. Usually, you won’t get what you need, but enchanted magic weapons are perfectly fine though.

Last week was a short session. With a family emergency as well as some volunteer work I had signed up for months ago, I just didn’t have enough time to do a proper length playthrough. This post was also delayed by almost a week. However, there are some big changes in store for the blog.

I have grown very bored with Torchlight. I thought a new character would rekindle my interest, and it did, but only for a few weeks. Since this blog is really my place — not many viewers — I am changing direction for my own interests. Therefore, the Mina character updates are suspended for the time being. I am writing another post immediately after this one that will detail this new direction.


2 thoughts on “Mina the Vanquisher Sniper #4

  1. Out of interest, what weapons would a Vanquisher Marksman benefit the most from? At present mine has a gun as her main weapon and a pair of swords for her secondary weapons.

    • Most, if not all, the Marksman skills require a ranged weapon, so Pistols, Wands, Bows, and Crossbows are preferred. One thing to note is that dual-wielding (Pistols or Wands) does not give any bonuses over using a two-hand Bow or Crossbow. It is easier to find just one good weapon instead of two, so Bows and Crossbows will usually be the best option.

      For stats, +X% Damage and +Dexterity are about equal in power, but Dexterity is easier to find and in bigger numbers. For Vanquisher each point of Dexterity is +1% weapon damage. Skills based on weapon damage can scale with the weapon damage itself, but certain skills also scale directly with Dexterity. (You see the little Dexterity icon with 50% or 100% next to it.)

      I wrote a build for a Marksman Vanquisher if you want more detail: https://slashnblast.wordpress.com/builds/torchlight-1/vanquisher/marksman/

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